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The integration of the university in the mid-sixties defined that a non-violent process could take place and in an orderly manner.
The 120 inhabitants have decided to live in as green a manner as possible.
Today, this harvesting is conducted in a sustainable manner, and exotic plantations supply most of the timber demands.
Why would you speak to me in such a manner?
That was a very necessary and relevant bit of reporting that contributed to the article in an unbiased manner.
This applies to all manner of issues.
Many tour operators are also not acting in a sustainable manner.
Medications that react with the skin in this manner are termed photosensitizers.
Don't let the languorous manner fool you.
Your next physician could have the bedside manner of a robot.
All manner of electronic nannies keep you out of trouble without being intrusive.
He wasn't the first to attempt to bring tiny beings back to life in this manner.
It doesn't state to do this in a fair or ethical manner.
As irksome as the sale itself was the manner of its disclosure.
In a deliberate and calculated manner, it is making the world a more dangerous place.
Though mild in manner, his presence in court was electric.
The presentations differed vastly in manner, as well as matter.
Most criminals steal because they feel they were never given a fair chance at making a living in a different manner.
The fund, which knows how to restructure debt, must ensure the process is run in a competent manner.
His personable manner and good humour won him these distinctions.
He is considered fair game for all manner of theories about his mood swings, his loneliness and his craftiness.
These funds have mushroomed of late, spawning all manner of innovations, some of which may be destabilising and worry regulators.
The rivals used all manner of fuels, ranging from steam to electricity to compressed air.
The hectic manner in which the state media seek to portray the situation as normal merely affirms the disarray.
And on it goes, wittily ridiculing the slapdash manner in which science stories are sometimes cobbled together.
Political parties run on expediency, not ideology, which makes it possible to cobble together all manner of oddball coalitions.
The bank had gone in for all manner of risky proprietary trading.
Any sudden earthquake that happens underwater will be detected in the same manner of on on-shore earthquake.
For example, a bug that goes into his fighting position at all manner of non-fighting cues.
Now tape the other half of the straw to the other chair in the same manner.
In atrial fibrillation, the atrium or upper chamber of the heart does not beat an organized manner.
Whether other types of dunes can behave in a similar manner remains unclear.
True, this line of defense protects the brain from all manner of potentially harmful chemicals.
It really illustrates the concepts in an interesting and easy to grasp manner.
It exchanges information in a manner that is primitive and inefficient but remarkably different from the others.
Few other groups of people really do want the change the world in such a positive, progressive manner.
The device will involve pumping cool water to the ocean surface, in much the same manner as would be required to stop a typhoon.
Thus the process of entanglement could confer the requirement to evolve in a complimentary manner.
Another athlete broke into film in a similar manner.
As for the computer-generated dinosaurs, they trundle across the screen in the stereotyped manner of all big screen dinosaurs.
It can then be peeled with a knife and easily cut in any manner.
It represents a new potential while non-destructively re-framing the past in a temporary manner.
The atmosphere reacts in a similar manner forming waves of air on the edges of the inversion layer called turbulence.
They are in the matter and substance of the poetry, and they are in its manner and style.
The secondary meaning is disorderly, in a slovenly manner.
Obviously our problem can be exactly formulated in the following manner.
But he has hitherto exerted his powers in a manner, and on subjects, rather calculated to gratify a youthful than a mature taste.
On the site, people are sharing plans for all manner of useful gizmos, and a few not-so-useful objects as well.
They don't expect it to happen on time, they don't expect it to happen in a speedy manner.
The primary reason for this is that he plays the quarterback position in an unusual manner.
The hops in your favorite organic beer can be sprayed with all manner of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
The best suburban neighborhoods have great commercial districts with restaurants, movie theaters, and all manner of amenities.
He was metaphorically on his knees in penitence, and confessed himself a miserable sinner in the loveliest manner possible.
If you report facts in a fair-and-balanced manner, then readers can judge the story for themselves based on those facts.
These potential matches can be sorted and filtered in any manner.
When this happens, the environment is altered, but not always in the manner intended.
Everything about her is delicate: her smile, her gentle manner, and her soft voice.
Once delivery begins on a regular basis, monthly issues should arrive in a routine manner.
The manner in which the fossil skeletons were broken apart is also telling, the study teams says.
Remember, in some point-and-shoot systems you might not be able to reach these controls underwater in a fast and efficient manner.
Be sure to treat the natives in the friendliest manner that you are able.
At first, it can be a little strange to read in this manner.
For others, it is a day celebrated in a less traditional manner.
Behind each of the modules is a scientific concept presented in a humorous and entertaining yet scientifically accurate manner.
Ask students why they think humpbacks feed in this manner, particularly since they are generally solitary animals.
Try to pick up expenses and bring small gifts, which should be offered in a semiformal manner.
Responding to student writing in an effective and timely manner is important to student success.
Ability to facilitate groups and interact with diverse students in a positive, developmental manner.
It's important to practice talking about those topics in a concise manner.
In fact, it is the policy of her program to act in that manner.
Many senior administrators are smooth and glib, in the manner of politicians.
It also urged them to process requests faster, and to provide a fair process for reconsidering denials in a timely manner.
Acting in a united manner could be challenging, however, when leaders from different sectors don't even see eye to eye.
Academic administrators have a responsibility to act in as transparent a manner as possible.
Demonstrating a generally pleasant manner throughout the interview may help you convey your suitability as a colleague.
Ability to work in a collegial manner with a highly diverse faculty, staff and student population.
Ask in a spirit of willingness to change, to do things differently, not in a manner that questions the search committee.
Describe your relevant achievements and goals in a direct and confident manner.
Criminal background checks will be used in a confidential, non-discriminatory manner consistent with state and federal law.
But they need to be prepared to acknowledge receipt of those materials in a timely and professional manner.
In this manner the library becomes an always-evolving test bed of ideas, rather than a commons.
Rather than talking in a mature manner about intellectual disagreements, these individuals have to go for the jugular.
The problem with stimulus money was the need to quickly spend it in a short term manner.
Anthropologists will tell you that ceremony and ritual binds communities together in all manner of ways.
Make more cookies with remaining dough in same manner.
Cook until underside is golden and turn portions over again in same manner.
Make more rolls with remaining dough in same manner.
These days, stores and catalogs are crammed with all manner of new tools ostensibly designed for grilling.
Make another layer with second macaroon in same manner.
And now, in a manner of speaking, you can have it in a bikini.
But it must have provided a bond for editors and readers, in much the manner of kids' secret-society codes.
Although the sausage today has national distribution, it is still produced in the same original manner.
Robots need to be able to move in a fluid, yet purposeful manner.
The trick is to get it out of the ground economically and efficiently and to do it in an environmentally sustainable manner.
His manner is not tentative--he knows precisely which words he wishes to employ--but painfully subdued.
Polymer memory stores information in an entirely different manner than silicon devices.
It does what it needs to do in a clear, straightforward manner.
Its figures show that from autos to pharmaceuticals to computing and all manner of electronics, patent activity is booming.
Since the signal is sent in a point-to-point manner, it's not the sort of wireless that could work as a cellular network.
The police officer, after a brief attempt at a stern manner, relented.
The cells on the other side differentiated in a more chaotic manner.
Hydrogen can be transmitted to all energy consumers through pipelines in the same manner that natural gas is delivered.
In the same manner that headlamp bulbs, etc used to be standardized.
Also, you present the thought experiment in a confusing manner.
His work comprehends all manner of things about previous art except, crucially, why it was created.
She was small, often called a little thing, but deliberate and determined in her manner.
His voice is soft, and his manner is unfailingly courteous, as he sits with one leg tucked under the other.
People who act in a hostile manner or display hostile intent.
It was an impossibly complex scheme, dependent on all manner of unknowns and contingencies.
She found that the manner in which symptoms appeared in children was significantly different from that of adults.
He's a great diagnostician, and he's got a great bedside manner.
He speaks in a slightly stiff, respectful manner that suggests that he's used to conversing with adults.
It is not legitimate for the government to attempt to equalize electoral opportunities in this manner.
There are allegations that these new data were not released in a timely manner.
So many possibilities, and yet no one has put together a fool proof manner to predict quakes.
The data is only provably false if it can be shown to be collected, adjusted or preserved in an incorrect manner.
Scientists also note that, given different growth cycles, human hair doesn't grow in the same manner as mouse hair.
Along with the bones are all manner of refuse, such as broken pottery and flint tools.
Indians too were shown in the same manner up until a few years back.
The manner, language and procedure of science are imitated by others in order to appear complicated and credible.
But for the manner in which you measure to get a limited handle on the nature of an atom, it works for rudimentary exercises.
Their powerful teeth told us that these predators bit their prey in the manner of killer whales.
And his speech goes on in that same stilted and clich├ęd manner.
More modesty entered his manner, yet the scale of his intentions remained overarching.
He'd also subject himself to any manner of humiliation or discomfort in the name of his column.
These people manage somehow to harness the power of money in a more jovial manner.
His manner is ferociously serious: contents under pressure.
He made no reference whatever to his acrobatic landing and his manner discouraged any questions.
Here at last is a war they can fight in precisely the manner required.
Any difference in quality comes from the purity of the water and the alcohol, and from the manner and amount of filtration.
For all the studying done by books, you need to also practice a hands-on manner to get the full effect of food preparation.
Since much of this theorizing comes in the manner of manifestoes, a certain exaggeration is perhaps to be expected.
In spite of the limitations of his manner, he leaves an impression of nearly boundless energy and invention.
Nor was it only statues and public monuments that he treated in this manner.
Part of the rationale for their funding our faculty in such a manner would be my service on these boards.
He too accepts his guilt and, in his own manner, takes the lonely road of exile.
But the manner in which he ordered and imparted his knowledge was even more impressive.
The authors tend to slip from psychology to politics and back again in a manner designed to produce intellectual confusion.
But what has made the referendum process a failure is not the result but the manner in which it was achieved.
He knew better than anyone that his neighbors would find this manner boring and insufferable.

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