mannequin in a sentence

Example sentences for mannequin

It becomes a kind of mannequin that's perfectly formed but has no life of its own.
Her first moments as a pretend mannequin come to life suggested an extraordinarily imaginative character.
The medal now hangs around the neck of a workshop mannequin sporting a silk polka-dot bra and matching high-cut brief.
Yet martial discipline can provide only a department-store mannequin version of reform.
When the mannequin finally resurfaced, far down current, it appeared to have been dragged violently along the rocks below.
Anybody who has ever tried to get a military boot onto a rigid mannequin knows what is going on here.
He grasps an uncooperative mannequin in a bear hug and wrestles it into position.
Becomes mannequin parts falling apart beneath cheap clothes.
With synchronous strokes of the stick, people's sense of self drifted into the mannequin.
Sato said, grimacing as she tugged the fabric tighter around the kimono-clad mannequin.
The face has as much vitality and intelligence as a store mannequin.
The curvy mannequin piqued the interest of a couple of lanky teenage boys.
What initially appears to be an elegant mannequin turns out to be extraordinarily realistic.
The arrangement changed, as did the mannequin's clothing and its physical arrangement.
Clothes on a hanger or on a conventional mannequin don't show how they move, what they convey, nearly as well.
It was a roller skate with a mannequin's head on it.
He'd been in water for two months, and his flesh had a doughy look, as if he were a mannequin made out of bread.
Breathing zone tests were also conducted in four underground coal mines using the torso of a mannequin to simulate a miner.
All mannequin heads will be checked prior to the start of the examination.
It is permissible for the mannequin to touch the drum.
It is the student's responsibility to appear at the practical examination with mannequin heads.
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