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Example sentences for manna

These capsule reviews are manna for any aspiring food and social historian.
Perhaps they do believe in manna from heaven after all.
For avid sports bettors, this kind of thing is manna.
No matter who is right, neither of you have the mental manna or free time to screw around.
Manna to an editor's ears, such words, such breezy cooperation.
His words were manna to the desperate crowds, who cheered and wept and applauded.
The resulting leaks, scares and splits were manna to the media but galling for the government.
If this manna arrives, the government's main problem will be how to spend the money wisely.
And the two taboos make it likely that more money will come to the table, once the initial manna is exhausted.
The case of the missing intern is manna from heaven for the new-look tabloids.
Muddling along and hoping for manna from heaven is no longer an option.
It happens when the pool of investment manna dries up.
It changed as almost strained amidst clear manna from above.
Attached to such manna, they can ride out the winter until the spring thaw sets them free.
He was self-sufficient, gaining sustenance and strength from the work, as if by his hands he was creating his own manna.
TO her admirers, she was manna from heaven, an unwavering voice for the downtrodden and oppressed.
For the hardcore sci-fi fan, this is manna from heaven.

Famous quotes containing the word manna

He humbled you by letting you hunger, then by feeding you with manna, with which neither you nor your ances... more
They gathered up the crystal manna to freeze Their tongues with tasting, their hands with snowballing; Or r... more
The truth is that a Pigmy and a Patagonian, a Mouse and a Mammoth, derive their dimensions from the same nutritive juice... more
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