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Example sentences for manly

It's a more manly phone and look more modern than the old phone.
He envied every daysman and drover in the tavern their manly speech.
He is big enough and manly enough now to tell you of his prior falsehoods and his reasons for them.
Bachelors and would-be-manly boys are not the only consumers of tobacco, though they are the best patrons of the bar.
And it happens as a way of emphasizing gender differences or expressing manly braggadocio.
It probably is a matter of manly pride to have had such an encounter.
For those out there who dream of being a little more manly, be careful what you wish for.
Whatever it is, it's a manly calling, and he's got to smell manly for it.
The indignity was unbearable, yet none of us cried out, knowing that such an emotional display would not have been manly.
He viewed his father's career in aviation dismissively, as a less manly pursuit than foot-soldiering.
Look buddy its time to get serious about you manly gaming needs.
Still, there was always something robust and manly in the tone they adopted.
He arrives incognito at the court of the queen, wins her favour by manly exploits, and then departs somewhat capriciously.
Boys were growing soft: too much time with their mothers and their teachers, not enough manly activity.

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