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These guys felt he was compromising the overall manliness of the mission.
In a world of tribes and thugs manliness still goes a long way.
Living models of manliness, grace, and beauty were daily before the artist's eye.
The womanly grace of temperament merely enhanced the unusual manliness of his character and impression.
Having left boyishness behind, he achieves a manliness unusual among authors and even among fighters.
The accessory apparently is meant to imply manliness, or perhaps it's simply an aggressive display of bad taste.
It should be remembered that brutality is not manliness, but cowardice.
But apart from these ostentatious displays of manliness, the predominant voice is unguarded, self-revealing.
Hardly the bravest among them have the manliness to resist it successfully.
He never thought any of these things too weak for manliness.
Questions about his manliness arise when, in his desire to behave as an adult, he emulates his father and uncle.
Manliness is expressed through emotional coolness, ruthlessness, and imperturbability at any depravity.
His manliness and natural ability were soon seen and appreciated.
The aim is to develop manliness and maturity of thought and character by giving attention to the individual needs of the students.

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