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But mankind has produced tens of thousands of human ones, including in our prison system.
Name one fire anytime in the history of mankind that totally dissolved, disintegrated, pulverized human flesh.
The list goes on-the benefits to mankind are manifold.
Nevertheless mankind is able to move enormous blocks over long distance since thousands of years.
More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads.
There are some who insist that mankind has gone clean crazy.
Mankind has borne him and raised him and he is the direct, unfeigned expression of mankind's innermost, deepest-hidden urges.
The authors argue that mankind has at last become the first species capable of deliberately directing its own evolution.
Mission controllers cheered, champagne corks popped, and there were grand declarations about mankind's bold steps into space.
It has designed mankind to cope with deprivation, not plenty.
But mankind has to agree on how to share out the costs, both between and within countries.
If only mankind could harness that energy, rather than being at its mercy.
But mankind has caused lots of accidental changes as well, and these also offer opportunities to study evolution.
When they stop questioning orthodoxy, mankind will have given up the search for truth.
So the closure is a timely reminder of the extent to which the world economy is tied to services provided to mankind by nature.
Instead, it offers a meditation on mankind's addiction to state violence.
Mankind now faces a similar problem on a global scale.
Hence, there must be a fundamental misconception with mankind on how to manage an economy.
Mankind which began in a cave and behind a windbreak will end in the disease-soaked ruins of a slum.
They are the shadows of what has formerly occupied the minds of mankind, and of what once determined the tenor of existence.
They lie near the heart of mankind's restless efforts to make sense of the world.
Some people contend that beer may have been the staple of mankind's diet even before bread was invented.
He was ahead of his time, actively working to forge harmony between mankind and nature.
But mankind's craving for puzzles goes far deeper than the ego.
Of all mankind's impacts on nature, perhaps none is more pervasive than the systematic elimination of large animals.
Mankind is the only species that has taken control of the speed and quality of its evolution.
No single country can afford it, and mankind needs a positive goal in the face of possible environmental and economic collapse.
Brown begins his rant by insisting that mankind faces imminent food shortages.
Abrupt climate change is a little know phenomena, unseen by mankind in recorded history.
More than half of all drugs are derived from a living organism, yet mankind is destroying the natural world at a stunning rate.
Those who think the major cause of global warming is mankind should be locked up in mental hospitals.
The pursuit of knowledge for the benefit of mankind ought not be messed up or tarnished by individual glory.
If the process is hurried for the betterment and/or survival of mankind so be it.
The biggest problem is that mankind has grown to epidemic proportions.
Greed is the cancer of mankind, and will be our undoing.
Whether it is mostly driven by mankind's burning of fossil fuels or natural cycles is irrelevant.
Around since the beginnings of mankind has been the desire to have a temperate living space.
Mankind has tens of thousands of years left to explore his universe.
If mankind is to be all one, it can't be shown galloping off in all directions.
The history of mankind is one of hostility to the unbidden.
We much prefer, if a choice has to be made, to have a good opinion of mankind and a poor opinion of our socioeconomic system.
Throughout history mankind has deliberately bred the fighting spirit.
Children are the future of mankind because mankind is moving in the direction of infancy.
Now, he has no faith in mankind, and spends his life wandering.
Coster-Mullen's research project can be construed as a danger to mankind or as a useless antiquarian endeavor.
Shutting the door on scientific truth seekers, working to better the lot of mankind is a moral, ethical abomination.
Mankind acts also to alter rates of change in the abiotic and biological spheres as well.
Mankind has captured solar energy for thousands of years.
And so ends an the era of space exploration as well as mankind's future.
Its not unusual for mankind to be killed off unnaturally.
It is up to mankind to fine a way to break that cycle of destruction and rebirth.
We have millions of workers here who could probably benefit mankind if they only knew how.
It's an early version of mankind running out of raw materials.
It took mankind centuries to take this giant leap for the first time, and it was not done without a lot of hand wringing and pain.
We know that air and water belong to all mankind and not merely to industrialists.
And if this miracle is the key to the history of mankind, then it is also the key to the history of society.
However during this process, maize became totally dependent upon mankind for propagation.
Maps have guided mankind's physical exploration for centuries.
Now they also help mankind to navigate the world of science.
From gruesome ancient rituals to modern pharmacology, mankind had been trying to discover what's really going on inside our heads.
Call it one giant leap for mankind's search for life on other planets.
Thanks to science, industry and moral philosophy, mankind's steps had at last been guided unerringly up the right path.
Any danger to mankind lies in the destructive use of discoveries which could have been used for its benefit.

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