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Example sentences for manipulative

They have subtle tendencies to be sneaky, plotting and manipulative at times.
Instead they're using underhanded, disrespectful, and manipulative means.
It also indicates that you will be manipulative once hired.
His manipulative measures only put off the inevitable.
Even obviously manipulative compliments are remarkably effective.
Learning is hands on, making wide use of manipulative materials and done in mixed-age groupings of four or five children.
Academe is full of petty, jealous, manipulative people.
The depiction of the media as an amoral, manipulative power is also well-worn.
And then, with complete disregard for his manipulative tendencies, amazingly re-elect him.
His negative ads were more numerous, more manipulative and sometimes flagrantly dishonest.
But if officials came to depend on him, they also learnt that he could be devious, ruthless and manipulative.
Bigoted on race and manipulative in his handling of the club, he is not an attractive figure.
On the other hand, populist appeals can be manipulative and demagogic.
However his manipulative skills will be put to good use trying desperately to convince you otherwise.
They wanted it so they would have some manipulative ability to avoid the teeth of the law.
It's proved to be dishonest, manipulative newspaper.
However unwittingly they are only revealing their manipulative and propagandist mind-set.
Yes, this is a highly manipulative and game-playing approach to the student surveys.
Lurid sensationalism and computer gamesmanship left this filmmaker's earlier work looking hollow and manipulative.
It could be that your would-be friends are actually manipulative jerks who want to profit from the social circle.
Both offer a study in manipulative control between a boxer and his trainer.
Her manipulative father is well aware of the king's instability and is hoping that eventually he will have all the power.
They condemned him as a vicious killer, a coward and a manipulative monster.
Walking upright and precise manipulative abilities may have increased the ape's foraging efficiency.
Such manipulative, adrenaline-stimulating tricks are all too commonplace, and sometimes they work.
Choosing an out-of-context image is not only dubious, but a manipulative move, unworthy of the magazine.
It could have been any number of things, so the demonstration becomes kind of manipulative.
Mind you, probability is an incredibly manipulative thing.
My experience is of uniquely manipulative and deceitful behavior.
So the only other alternative is he's playing his legion of followers as morons, which makes him manipulative and duplicitous.
Science education comes to be seen a manipulative political tool.
It is simply sad to see how manipulative blog campaigns are semi-successful to switch the public opinion around.
These shows pit caustic and manipulative brunettes against surprisingly canny blondes, or alternatively, focus on dippy brunettes.
Even when the symbols and images are idealized, contrived or manipulative.
The primary characteristic of unethical games is that they are manipulative, misleading, or both.
Manipulative chimps often reach the upper echelon of chimp society.
Some artists found her manipulative and controlling.
She struck me as manipulative, boastful, and insecure.
The manipulative adviser uses the president to advance his own agenda.
But it is frequently collaborative, and even when it is not, it is more often manipulative than violent.
Secretive and possibly manipulative, they are almost designed to raise suspicions.
Corporate philanthropy is often derided for being contrived, manipulative or a form of moralistic theft from shareholders.
Moreover, the framing of the question set to the public is key, as well as manipulative in its own right.
Jobs was a genius and a visionary, but he was also manipulative of and abusive to his colleagues.
Leno's been castigated for appearing unfeeling, disingenuous and even manipulative throughout the brouhaha.
There is nothing contrived or manipulative about her work.

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