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Dexterity: fine manipulation sufficient to operate a keyboard, handle individual papers, write and take notes.
If all things were equal, currency manipulation would have an effect on trade, but things are far from equal.
Manipulation of habitat and the high populations of the introduced fire ant are believed to be key factors in the decline.
The third group was not exposed to any manipulation.
He was not without his critics, however, for his manipulation of subjects and images.
Sports officials are looking for ways to detect the genetic manipulation.
There are a thousand questions about how to prevent collusion and other sorts of price manipulation.
When markets are that small, punters should watch carefully for signs of manipulation.
The right hand prints only become visible after digital manipulation of the original photograph.
The manipulation of a single gene is enough to cure the wandering eye of a meadow vole.
The military's scientific fringe has toyed with weather manipulation and geo-engineering for years.
Economic freedom works much better than organizational manipulation.
They face charges of market manipulation and accounting fraud.
Mummies are usually the product of human manipulation.
Please read our statement on digital manipulation for further details.
Its second life now is the offshore oil and gas manipulation, inspection and manipulation.
Still no jobs and still unemployment number manipulation.
Rotating a picture is simply a manipulation in memory done by your software.
It's important to remember that we've been doing this kind of genetic manipulation of animals for a long time.
Nanotechnology involves the manufacture and manipulation of materials at the molecular or atomic level.
There is no monetary problem in the world bigger than the manipulation of the exchange rate between talk and action.
The advanced of our understanding of genetics, and newly invented methods have allowed for great progress in genetic manipulation.
Unfortunately, manipulation of these funds is all too prevalent.
Any manipulation has consequence, and may be harmful for future research.
He didn't say how much, if any, would go toward detecting genetic manipulation.
Any fish can be made out to be a monster through manipulation of information and setting and camera angles.
The latter has been and will be compromised in a convolution of manipulation and fabrication.
Voles are particularly vulnerable to manipulation by chipmunks.
Jobs believed in the fine manipulation of the hand on touch sensitive viewing screens.
It is not as if business students are taking electives in gerbil spinal manipulation.
The findings do, however, demonstrate what might be a powerful method of manipulation.
The uncanny stability increased concerns about data manipulation.
The manipulation itself is done by the quantum operators.
Various degrees of control can be experienced, from subtle manipulation to blatant ordering.
The probability of that happening without manipulation is one-tenth of one per cent.
Moreover, understanding-complete or partial-brings the possibility of manipulation.
And this new power will allow the large-scale manipulation of living organisms.
And sometimes managers will resort to earnings manipulation and fraud.
For one thing, it cannot perform mathematical or logical manipulation of data.
It seems that genetic manipulation of plants and animals is a red flag for some of the commenters to this article.
There is a tendency for people to look at puppetry as a metaphor for manipulation, for taking away someone's will or autonomy.
Sam appears to be a dreamer lost in his imaginary world, but still with good business and people manipulation skills.
For more information, please read our comments on image manipulation.
Predator control is too often a stop-gap solution to address problems created by human manipulation of the environment.
Despite widespread accusations of bias and manipulation of data, the researchers involved were cleared of wrongdoing.
Default-management approaches can be problematic even when they do not involve allegations of overt manipulation.
Uneducated people make less money and pay less taxes and are less productive and more subject to media manipulation.
Physical production has been devalued in favor of financial manipulation.
They have a pattern of lawbreaking, political manipulation, and obfuscation.
The mechanics of audience manipulation may be obvious here, but they often work.
The atmosphere, in general, has been one of crude manipulation and derision.
Their conversation is rich with emotional and political manipulation.
The manipulation of observable genetic traits is the basis of selective breeding.
Chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation may also help some patients.
The culprit is the lawmakers' shrewd manipulation of the budget process.
As such, it would be open to splits and internal conflicts, and to manipulation by those with conflicting agendas.
We didn't know how good he is at video manipulation.
But the entire process is taking place by fiat, under the heavy manipulation of the junta.
In fact, a market manipulation of this sort had already occurred.
They protect your hands better than anything else, though you pay a price in fine motor manipulation.
They sniffed something wrong with the manipulation that was clearly employed.
Some evidence suggests that those who are ignorant or naïve are subject to manipulation by a loud, opinionated minority.
Then there's photo manipulation, once a rarefied propaganda technique.
Direct bribery is a related method of manipulation that is almost impossible to detect directly.
Regulators, lambasted for snoozing through the bubble, are keen to be seen rooting out manipulation.
Now it is directly attached to the government, leaving it vulnerable to political manipulation.
It concluded that the attempted manipulation had indeed taken place.
Efforts to find solutions have been complicated by political manipulation.
Participants who received manipulation changed their minds about the possibility of possession.
The wolf evolved social and breeding responses to population saturation, that did not require environmental manipulation.
Indeed, a technique that the administration has used brilliantly is the manipulation of fear.
Ironically, this manipulation of the virus may get in the way of the virus's own manipulation of insects.
Gene therapy could do for athletes what photo manipulation has done for this runner.
It's a manipulation that lets the parasite reproduce more successfully.
However, the derivation as above does not accept extra dimensions, relativity or manipulation of mathematics.
Instead there was a lot of mushy stuff with children bouncing around, which gives the impression of cynical manipulation.
He apparently was a master of manipulation and cunning.
Still, hundreds of thousands of computers might now be vulnerable to manipulation by the second stage of the virus.
He's sort of made his own little thing-combined serious stretching, serious breathing, serious manipulation.
It could also enable novel kinds of photographic manipulation.
The rheometers then measure the effects of the manipulation.
Adobe is playing with the idea of streaming apps for photo manipulation, but it has been a flop with end users as well.
As such, their removal or manipulation is of little consequence.
Hands-on manipulation of our genes could cure disease-and perhaps even aging.
Not for social engineering, not for economic manipulation, not for a carrot and stick.
Providing ones opinion on a story does not make them a news organization, it makes them a vehicle for public manipulation.
They prefer the bigger cases that involve wider exposure of the brain and more hands-on manipulation of the anatomy.
People believe them, but photographs do lie, even without manipulation.
Gross figured this kind of manipulation would be impossible if sites paid for rankings.
We cannot allow public apathy and political manipulation to undermine it.
There is entirely too much manipulation, lying, spinning and coercion in the current administration.
Spinal manipulation is the signature therapy of chiropractic care involving manual adjustment of joints in the neck and back.

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