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But this has started to change as it has become cheaper to store and manipulate information.
Most digital cameras come with basic software that helps organize and manipulate photos.
Algebra Touch is a fairly new app that allows kids to physically manipulate equations.
The software also includes a video creator that lets kids manipulate the video footage to create something new.
Rather than manipulate readers' emotions, the author uses the tragedy to underscore the value of tradition and community.
He appeared to be able to manipulate atoms with amazing grace.
You can manipulate the gears manually, via fingertip paddles on the steering wheel or the gear lever.
Brands are not as powerful as their opponents allege, nor is the public as easily manipulated.
It has a regular qwerty-style keyboard that is easy to type on, plus a simple to manipulate onboard track-pad.
Governments usually manipulate exchange rates to make their currencies artificially weak, not strong.
The man doesn't read Chinese, but with a set of instructions he's able to manipulate the symbols and respond.
Researchers have learned how to manipulate genes in plants and animals, and to a much lesser extent, in humans.
Scientists who want manipulate the properties of certain materials work with nano-scale patterns printed with those materials.
Human efforts to manipulate the weather have a long history.
All of the orangs in the group manipulate the instrument and turn a switch.
The simulator involves a headset an integrated video monitor and a remote control of the sort used to manipulate the machinery.
These are even more efficient in some cases as they spend longer times on the flowers and manipulate them more thoroughly.
But here they are trying to impact and frankly manipulate this age-old culture all on their own.
Their wrists and fingers are barely affected, giving them the ability to manipulate things if they use a bit of ingenuity.
We're learning how to manipulate memory, emotions, even the aging process.
He was already thinking about how to manipulate the situation to his advantage.
She reveled theatrically in her madness, and was not above using her shocking mood swings to manipulate her friends and family.
It seems to be the perfect fit of author and subject: two chic blondes adept at understanding image and how to manipulate it.
He pulled out the stylus he used to manipulate the touchscreen, and was ready to go.
We were also able to manipulate their footage, making it dissolve and dissipate particles.
Our ability to reason is as legendary as our ability to manipulate.
But there are risks in this effort to manufacture and manipulate history for purposes of the present.
We must manipulate ourselves within it, or attempt to manipulate it in order to survive.
The reality is that political candidates manipulate their image and obscure ideas on television.
But perhaps the alternative is worse: the status quo is a system that enables folks who manipulate the public.
He was famous for his ability to manipulate tribal rivalries to direct popular ire away from his office.
What matters are a few nonessential people, and what they do is mostly stare into and manipulate screens.
Colchicine, a substance derived from autumn crocuses, was used to manipulate the chromosomes of plants.
But one aspect is common, the idea that you can manipulate your color and race.
Science, for example, results from the ability to manipulate the world.
The twenty-first century will bring us powerful new tools of genetic engineering with which to manipulate our farms and forests.
He is able to manipulate the emotions of those around him.
Create a system and people will figure out how to manipulate it.
In no way did those individuals manipulate the process, nor were they even candidates during the search.
We did not try to manipulate our data to make it look good.
The ones who don't talk about it and make threats and manipulate others.
They offer concrete opportunities to manipulate elements, and often include complex simulations.
Some boomers are using acting skills to manipulate impressions of their relevance.
Both manipulate truth to serve their unworthy purposes.
To get a crash course in a neurological research technique that uses light to manipulate brain cells, watch this video.
My only real complaint from a hardware standpoint is that the swivel hinge is surprisingly difficult to manipulate.
We manipulate our memories to brace for future hardships.
The psychologists chose to vary the font, because it is easy to manipulate in the lab.
The subjects were then instructed to use the computer's software to manipulate the fruits' color.
Extremely miniaturized tools can inexpensively measure and manipulate molecules for systems medicine.
And these organisms are a lot easier to study than people: they breed faster, and their genes are easy to manipulate.
They could manipulate the colors of the face to increase the darkness or the yellow tones.
Manipulate these and see what interpretations it can develop.
Each of the robots of interest moves on tracks and features a mechanical hand that can be used to lift and manipulate objects.
Researchers can manipulate the particles by training laser beams on them.
Sociopaths are unlikely to cause physical harm, preferring to manipulate and charm to get what they want.
The new tool promises to give musicians and producers powerful new ways to manipulate recordings both old and new.
By moving its wrist, the monkey could manipulate a cursor on a computer screen.
And there is even less research on how to best manipulate the effect for the welfare of patients.
Less light escaping means researchers can better control and manipulate the photons.
Of course, they've also had to learn how to manipulate eight entangled photons too.
The image-based surgical-planning software lets surgeons manipulate a three-dimensional computer model of a patient's heart.
So finding ways to manipulate electron spin is a priority in many labs around the world.
She develops ways to manipulate digital images, both inside the camera and on computers.
Traditionally, organizations have turned to databases to store and manipulate large amounts of information.
Researchers simply didn't know enough about how biological systems worked or how to manipulate them.
Expert systems would embody and manipulate knowledge in the form of symbolic logic.
These devices require tiny pumps and other mechanisms to manipulate the various chemicals.
It isn't really learning to express itself, it's learning to manipulate it's facial structure.
The move to silicon optics would add a basic new capability to silicon chips: the ability to manipulate and respond to light.
Bioengineers have long understood how to manipulate genes to function as switches that activate other genes.
If the creature is facing the player, it will manipulate the limbs differently than if the creature is to the side.
Every automobile manufacturer on every continent will manipulate the data in their favor and in doing so will mislead the buyer.
It need to manipulate various laws to make it monetize.
Neither are attempts to manipulate the genuine worries of their parents.
The trick is to manipulate the way in which the camera captures and stores information.
Self-deception makes it easier to manipulate others to get ahead.
And once flipped it tends to stay flipped, so those flips can be used to store data as well as manipulate them.
Roughly every decade this switches from explicit power grabs to unsubtle efforts to manipulate civilian leaders.
Whatever formula is chosen, some bosses are bound to try to manipulate it.
He relished wielding power over his people and his ability, through nuclear provocation, to milk and manipulate the outside world.
It will result in the ability to manipulate animals, plants, fungi and bacteria to human ends.
It is a small experiment in what happens when a country can't manipulate its money.
Also the ability to manipulate globally is a secondary advantage.
Since that time, governments of different countries have been evolving the technology to manipulate individuals' brains.
The alternative is to centrally plan the economy via printing to manipulate prices, but this has been a disaster.
The movements of the beads were then used by artists to manipulate the digital double's face to produce the same expressions.
They simply want you to try it for yourself and see how great it can consume and manipulate information.
These people are able to manipulate objects using mechanical arms and hands.
The idea is to try to manipulate the price of a good or a service in order to capture all the negative externalities it imposes.
The concern is that they might manipulate them-but then so might anyone else.
He could manipulate the next elections with the help of the spooks, risking a popular boycott and backlash.
His blind spot may be his own perceived invulnerability, his faith in his ability to always manipulate opinion.
If so, learning to manipulate it could yield powerful new approaches to treating disease.
The next big step was finding a way to manipulate radio waves so they could carry more than dots and dashes.
Some camcorders employ electronics that manipulate the image itself to cancel out the jitters.
Bone is ideally suited to arrowheads, she says, because it is lightweight and easy to manipulate.
The trick would be to manipulate the quantum mechanical properties of photons, atoms, or other particles.
Once researchers understand the pathway well enough to manipulate it pharmacologically, such patients might find relief.
Therefore you can also make cilia smaller, and they'll manipulate smaller parts.
Now there's evidence that humans, too, manipulate the timing of puberty's onset.
And along the way, they can manipulate their hosts to ease their path through life.
Then you can manipulate other traits to produce a complete dinosaur.
There are a few variables which you have to manipulate.
It breeds the emotional power to manipulate millions.
It's not only the committee but the referees that manipulate the tourney.
Stores know a lot about how your mind works, and they're prepared to manipulate you to increase sales.
It has already built a gripping device sensitive enough to manipulate fragile objects.
Scientists use machines to manipulate units of light called photons.

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