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Example sentences for manifesto

But the manifesto has become an object of sneering mockery.
In fact, their paper doubles as a manifesto for a new discipline.
It plans to publish a manifesto by the end of the year.
It's the missing piece that really kills me, it seems so obviously the manifesto of someone who is bitter and alone.
Some lavish praise, some jeer and others chime in to suggest bullet points for a manifesto.
It was not intended, but was generally taken to be, the manifesto of a party.
Yet this manifesto is less fantastic than some books thick with academic learning.
In his manifesto, he blames computers and technology for society's woes.
They had made a magazine in the form of a manifesto.
It is also, self-evidently, a distant dream rather than a manifesto for practical politics.

Famous quotes containing the word manifesto

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