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Sure, it's better known for manicured fairways and sybaritic spas.
Acres of concrete walkways winding through some nutty genius's carefully manicured personal fantasy.
Fountains and sculptures adorn the grounds, while manicured lawns and tree-filled parks offer breathing room.
Ensconced in manicured barracks with pitched roofs, its leaders have struggled to turn slogans into actions.
We drive past some conventional coffee estates with neatly manicured rows of trees marching up mountainsides.
Stroll around the place-past luxury yachts and manicured gardens-and the impression is one of contented prosperity.
One reason may have been that it does not require expensive equipment or a well-manicured playing surface.
Defined by hills and curving paths, it has a certain charm, though it is not as well manicured as its downtown sister.
Not far away, a few houses sit unscathed, with perfectly manicured gardens.
They could also get shaved and have their fingers manicured while in the chairs.
The hand was warm to the touch, the nails polished, perfectly manicured.
He had long, carefully manicured fingers, a turquoise ring on his left hand and an onyx ring on his right.
The houses all seem freshly scrubbed and well maintained, the yards manicured.
It's a place where the off-kilter meets off-road serenity, where pure spontaneity meets fastidiously manicured fantasy.
The fingers of one of her hands, with their freshly manicured pink nails, were intertwined with her own guts and matter.
Her crimson fingernails had been carefully manicured with white moons and white tips.
The manicured lawns are a verdant oasis within the surrounding sun-scorched mountains.
Gazing downward, he can see a public garden with pine trees, flower bushes and manicured lawns.
And then there is the other kind of athlete who chooses to go it alone, away from manicured lawns or parquet courts.
And she's wearing a white-diamond engagement ring on her elegantly manicured right hand.
Its theme includes warm colors, contemporary furnishings and manicured tropical gardens that connect to a private beach.
Enjoy a meal at your campsite's patio and then take a stroll on the manicured grounds before bed.
But the area's history and ecology are as fascinating as its ocean-side resorts, manicured greens, and windsurfing.
The pedestrian-friendly city provides wide boulevards, sidewalk cafes and acres of manicured parks.
They have been carefully manicured and preserved outlasting other parts of the property.
It is surrounded by manicured grounds with a palm-lined fish pond and arched walking bridge.
The restaurant has a brick facade, a manicured courtyard with outdoor seating, and a stylish bar area.
It contains more than manicured and natural riding trails, a riding ring and a half-mile-long track.
The hotel also boasts manicured grounds with its own garden gazebo and covered bridge.
The grounds feature a sprawling, manicured lawn overlooking the water.
The chapel overlooks a manicured garden area and offers outside ceremonies when weather permits.
Anticipate simple decor and a manicured landscape with outdoor seating and sun umbrellas.
It combines a restaurant with a large, manicured garden, making it a popular site for weddings and other special events.
The resort offers private villas and three pools on well-manicured grounds.
The grounds offer a peaceful setting with acres of meticulously manicured lawns, and authentic gardens.
Experience the manicured flower gardens surrounding the lodge to enjoy nature's finest palette of seasonal colors.
Well manicured arenas, nearby lodging, and overnight stabling.
The property is located in a gated community that is well manicured.
Fewer ticks are found in the sunny, manicured areas of the lawn.
If you live in or near heavily forested or undeveloped land, keep your property well manicured and free of dry or dead vegetation.
Its open meadows and manicured lawns are lined with a variety of shade trees.
Fire lanes are neatly manicured for optimum viewing as you drive around the entire acreage.
The campground is attractive and manicured with a heavily wooded perimeter.
Here you'll find small villages where white clapboard churches and town halls edge manicured town greens.
Maintenance practices for manicured turf landscapes negatively effects the environment.
On the other hand, our grounds are surrounded by residential and commercial development, highways and manicured lawns.
Thickets, brush piles, and other non-manicured areas of the yard are good shelters and nesting areas for wildlife.
Too often that means manicured lawns along with the fertilizer and pesticide applications.
The beautifully manicured course contains both open and wooded fairways with blind pins and tunnel shots.
They, with manicured lawns, proclaim themselves as upholding the standard set for urban beauty.
If you live near heavily forested or undeveloped land, keep your property well-manicured and free of dry or dead vegetation.

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