mangrove swamp in a sentence

Example sentences for mangrove swamp

Besides lounging on the beach, take a birdwatching hike and count the flamingos or kayak through a mangrove swamp.
There's also a mangrove swamp and tropical hammocks.
Another chemical indicator of mangrove swamp drainage is low pH, which also reached a minimum in mid-estuary.
It li ves in the mangrove swamp and anywhere there is dense, leafy trees and shrubs.
Elsewhere the zone may be a coastal hammock, a pine flatland, or a mangrove swamp.
On the east side, the high land drops off to what was once the mangrove swamp.
These are the saltmarsh community and the mangrove swamp community.
The tough hills now disappeared, but in their place was a mangrove swamp waist deep.
It's built essentially on landfill and a mangrove swamp.
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