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If all goes to plan, it will be the first spacecraft to maneuver without fuel.
On the way, its aim is refined by a mid-course correction maneuver.
She attempted to perform the Heimlich maneuver on herself but it didn't work.
Making a really good hot chocolate without any of these wasn't, at least to me, an obvious maneuver.
Training for war isn't all field maneuvers.
For example, the map could alert them to roadblocks to maneuver around.
Evidently, such a maneuver is technically interesting but it hardly addresses a significant or urgent problem.
Sometimes, the player will make the cue ball jump over an obstructive ball, always a stirring maneuver.
Positional vertigo episodes are caused by an inner ear disorder that's treatable by manual maneuver of the head.
Polemen stationed along the gunwales do most of the steering in quiet waters; the sweeps are used to help maneuver through rapids.
On the third floor, five model ships maneuver on the floor controlled by a training officer.
It was a bit hectic at the house, what with everyone trying to maneuver and put their dishes together.
On average, he says, there is one collision-avoidance maneuver per week.
The roughly three-foot-tall robots can maneuver, recognize speech, and display facial gestures as they broadcast audio.
They then simulated that sword-swallowing maneuver on a computer.
The bigger the dome, the less likely a crane could maneuver it.
If that duration is too long a spin maneuver, for example, could make the previously heated area unavailable to the laser.
Squid are used to gliding in the water, so the same physiology probably allows them to maneuver and glide in the air.
The music industry seems to have less room to maneuver.
It was a savvy maneuver to outflank the public's emerging suspicion of being manipulated by self-serving business interests.
They manually tried to maneuver his head to relieve the symptoms, which have seemed to diminish in the last several years.
He has given himself room to maneuver on immigration on the left and right.
Walking through a crowded room becomes a complicated maneuver to prevent falling.
Rather, the car would read the driver's mind and prepare itself for a manually executed maneuver.
Each game calls for the user to maneuver a ball from one side of the window to the other.
These features make the green sea turtle better able to swim fast and maneuver quickly in the water.
Some were too big and heavy to maneuver the terrain.
The tail may also be used to maneuver in the water, but its primary purpose is protection.
But miraculously, he was able to maneuver the plane for a crash landing in a clearing of scrub and brush.
In a bar, for instance, he watched bartenders use a counterintuitive underhanded maneuver to grab and pour from a bottle.
We're forced to swing into the pounding waterfall, an awkward maneuver that slams us both into the rock.
The traditional style of paddling these boats is by standing and using a leg to maneuver the paddle.
Bats fly more slowly than birds, but they maneuver more effectively.
And even that cost defraying maneuver has to be approved.
But his real room for maneuver in an atmosphere of near martial law remains unclear.
If they see birds ahead in flight, they might maneuver gently to avoid them, but within the constraints of a smooth ride.
Action requires cameras, and cameras require room to maneuver.
And it must be able to maneuver around complex obstacles.
She'd maneuver into position and then turn off her engines, floating in the deep.
Every step and every maneuver is carefully designed and performed.
Ships maneuver by silver sails, which gather momentum from the sun's rays.
They have criticized the machines for being difficult to maneuver, noting that they are designed to frighten rivals.
Making a left turn out of the lot forced drivers to maneuver oncoming high-speed traffic from four lanes.
Whether dodging motorbikes as you maneuver your way across the street or sitting down at a street.

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