mandible in a sentence

Example sentences for mandible

These creatures seem to have led a similar arboreal life-style, but had no need for the powerful mandible or big display canines.
Gainst many an enemy mandible, welded by pheromone kinship.
Bill slightly downcurved, thicker at base with basal third of lower mandible blue-gray.
Thin, noticeably downcurved bill, blue-gray on the basal half lower mandible.
The mandible, the largest and strongest bone of the face, serves for the reception of the lower teeth.
It is situated in the floor of the mouth, within the curve of the body of the mandible.
The nerve descends almost vertically to a point corresponding with the angle of the mandible.
The edges of the lower mandible are serrated with teeth much more prominent, coarser, and sharper than in the duck.
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