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Ethics aside, there is also a political mandate.
From the start, the Smithsonian has pursued activities that fulfill its mandate to increase knowledge.
But the limits of the kitchen's imagination and ambition mandate a more skilled performance, matched by less dismissive service.
Signs designate subway seats for handicapped passengers, but many people see them as more of a suggestion than a mandate.
It seems silly to try to mandate student behaviour outside of class.
We have been relentless in our pursuit of the voters' mandate.
She was quickly given her mandate.
They are a choice for students not a mandate as in the past.
But why do we need the government to mandate it?
As I understand it, our mandate is quite broad.
Imagine an independent agency whose mandate is fiscal stability.
Completely voluntary, and initially without any statutory powers, it nonetheless had a breathtakingly broad mandate.
For instance, government might mandate that insurance cover longevity treatments.
Yet no one here seems troubled by this committee and its mandate.
He already admitted he's wrong about the individual mandate.
Mandate is also a smaller company and would sit in on meetings with us to discuss directors.
T he burden, of course, was his father's mandate that his eldest enter public service.
He arrives with a mandate to get more and better information from the prisoners.
The need for storage is increasing as governments mandate the use of more renewable energy.
And yet our legislature continues to up the mandate.
Federal regulations mandate the phasing in of cleaner diesel fuels starting this year.
He will need the courage to do more than husband his success if he is to fulfill the mandate for change that he sought.
The individual mandate eventually became a left-wing idea.
So it's not shocking that the mandate has met with resistance.
The figures for the last years of the mandate are based on continuous collection of data by the department of statistics.
It would have only one mandate: to guarantee price stability to avoid inflation.
The first would be the expansion of the mandate of the pedagogue and his increasing control over society even outside school.
There are certain other practical restrictions on its mandate.
One of the advantages is that every government has legitimacy and a mandate.
However, the government has reportedly reneged on this mandate, and has postponed that deadline indefinitely.
Vaccination should be a choice, not a mandate for a public education.
If more people are covered, either by a government plan or by forced mandate, demand increases.
We need to fix that, but government mandate is not the way.
If no students are eligible for the mandate, please check the appropriate box on the table and return the form.
Unauthorized immigrants, for example, are exempted from the mandate to obtain health insurance.

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