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These organizations are managing the atoll as a wildlife refuge.
He calls its president its chairman or managing director.
All your story is managing to do is make people think that adopting a lot of diseased cats is somehow going to fix the problem.
Today, hunting is allowed on more than half of national refuges-an important tool in managing wildlife.
Managing fisheries on a sustained yield basis has never worked, because the models used aren't ecological to begin with.
One of my main students, she's an economist so naturally managing money and the non-profit is her role.
It is a pioneer in coping with one of the biggest challenges facing business: managing older workers.
Companies will have no choice but to face the difficult problem of managing older workers.
But several curious differences between them suggest that the fund's own thinking on managing capital flows is far from settled.
Colleges' responsibilities should be made explicit by establishing a framework or guidelines for managing their education agents.
Experience managing multiple projects simultaneously.
The key is hiring good consultants and then investing time in managing their work.
Responsible for developing and managing a federal or state funded grant.
Diabetes is big business, and many have been convinced that managing it forever is their only option.
Investments in technologies such as ballistic missile defense also have a role to play in managing nuclear threats.
You're basically gaining a foundation for storing and managing all the good stuff that comes through the digital flow.
He'd maneuvered his way into entertainment law, which led to managing talent, which eventually led to producing.
Others, however, aren't managing to qualify for refinancing.
It judged that water policies focussed on increasing water availability, and not on managing and limiting demand.
Strong city planning will be essential in managing these and other difficulties as the world's urban areas swell.
Besides managing the family tent, some have even taken to driving the tribe's water truck.
Awardees have demonstrated outstanding leadership in managing and protecting the natural resources in their countries and regions.
That's how they keep managing to sneak past our immune systems and why new flu vaccines are needed each year.
It's often attributed to the mental toll of managing the disease which has no cure.
Depression is another risk factor for memory loss, so managing stress and staying socially connected is also important.
Even today, managing the disease can be challenging.
Security isn't about eliminating vectors it is about managing risks to the business.
Maybe our bodies are managing the life on us, for our benefit.
And the happiness comes from me managing my creative outlet.
Sooner or later, the officials in charge must consider managing road and airport use through pricing.
But the fact that they are managing to operate at all bodes ill for the government.
But the artists who can't leave layer their pieces with meanings, managing to convey what they cannot say outright.
Managing public perception was at times as complex and difficult a task for the response as dealing with the oil itself.
For weeks, they have trouble managing the sensations and emotional complexities of their freedom.
They convey a spirit of tough-minded realism while managing to say nothing at all.
She didn't want to go back to her old job, and instead she took a job managing an office where no one knew her.
They travel the country together, hearing cases, somehow managing to hammer out unanimous amnesty agreements.
Its owner, a local doctor, was carefully managing the access to his fossil to fuel a bidding war for his entire fossil collection.
Chevy got around this problem by carefully managing how the battery pack is charged and discharged.
For a while he had topped all his friends' buddy lists by managing a chain of go-go clubs.
It is also much, much better at managing problem personalities, and clearly and consistently evaluating work.
Has to be incredibly tough if you actually want to do it, while managing a family.
The device works similarly to spinal-cord stimulators for managing chronic pain.
And rather than managing risk, the financial markets created more risk.
But he's been managing to get away with what he's been doing on that show and get a raise for more than ten years.
He later apologized, both times managing to dig a deeper hole for himself.
No matter where he is, he's always wheeling and dealing, managing clients and barking into his ever-present cell phone.
His excellence is his reward, managing the risk is only one part of being excellent.
He created database software for managing the information in his books.

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