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Under this system the city council appoints a city manager who acts as the chief executive officer of the government.
In this case, the initiator of the project is both the client and the project manager.
If you need to say a special thank you, a note to the manager will suffice.
There is a lot of science and experience involved in being a good sports turf manager or golf course superintendent today.
The federal suit accuses the manager of logging onto the online discussion using another employee's credentials.
Any good administrator serves as a facilitator more so than a manager.
In other words, a long career as a manager may not be the best training for a leader.
The project manager in me was on full display after our communal dinner.
Any good business manager will want to pay attention to his shop, his products, his marketing.
Try complaining about your manager to your employer.
Try to interest your manager in a cross-training program, or do it yourself.
Eventually, a manager put in a phone call and gave me clearance.
If applying for a management position, a student's letter is probably not appropriate, but one from a manager is.
If an employee doesn't swipe, his or her manager receives an email indicating the staff might be overworked.
In that event, you will be contacted by a hiring manager or search committee member to schedule an interview.
But the manager used the same ears, eyes and nose when he made losing investments.
Ask your account manager for more information on bonus distribution for this special report.
Let it be known that if you are the manager of a teenage pop star and can't tweet fast enough, you may face criminal penalties.
The old days in which a manager was willing to put on a play for a few nights were going fast, and with them went our early drama.
The band still has a manager and a label who work on its behalf, commercially and artistically.
It was a little after two, a slow time for the business, and the manager was dozing off in the warm sunshine.
Welch was a feared and confrontational manager, with a fanatical devotion to cutting costs and boosting profits.
He was to report to his company's branch manager in the morning.
The manager decided the cache looked suspicious and contacted the police.
He asks the hotel manager questions with no success.
She arrived with a bottle of champagne, her manager and a few others in tow.
My experience as a hiring manager reflects your observation and the conclusions from the study.
Any senior grid manager, of which there are hundreds, could have done an excellent job.
Take a manager who believes others are intrinsically motivated.
The sky-high prices threaten to exclude from the farmers' market anyone who isn't a hedge fund manager.
Jerry, the manager, took us through the full experience.
He also acts as her agent and manager, booking press coverage and gallery shows.
If the fee paid to the fund manager increases, the return achieved by the average investor must decline.
In fact, the one certainty is that the manager will eventually have a duff year when he earns no performance fee at all.
Worse, there is no discussion with the line manager about implications or follow-through.
Second, there may be several layers of intermediation between the fund manager and the client.
By the time a bad year occurs, the manager will be running a much larger fund.
The main fund manager is usually the largest investor and remuneration depends on the fund performing profitably.
At his bank, the local manager will use his own judgment in deciding whether to lend to people and businesses.
In the original version, the villain was a hedge-fund manager.
The manager of his printing company was also detained.
As a manager, you can't let such resentments fester and build.
The office manager greeted me and escorted me to my new, bare-bones office.
But fortunately he's not my line manager so this won't be a regular occurrence.
She persuaded the store manager to let her set up a tasting booth near the entrance.
Some seem to think that they have a degree, therefore they should get a high-paying job and be a manager right out of the box.
If one of his managers didn't give him the answer he wanted, he sought out another manager.
But it stopped working, and now the legendary mutual fund manager is retiring.
We are seeking an energetic, committed, and goal-oriented restaurant manager to apply strong motivational and leadership skills.
Tell them that you are not happy with their charges, and if they do not stop you will find another manager.

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