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Even the over-large mesclun had managed not to get bitter or leathery, as overgrown lettuce is prone to do.
They wounded one of the bears, which managed to escape.
While a vegan diet has its benefits, it can also be nutritionally deficient if not managed correctly.
Clawson managed to get to a rowboat and get survivors into it.
The sinking midget submarine has managed to fire a torpedo.
By midmorning it has still not managed four consecutive steps-but not for lack of trying.
The researchers found the land was deliberately managed for rice growing.
War should be so managed as to remember that the only end of it is peace.
The players of his company obtained the control of their own affairs and managed their business on co-operative principles.
They managed their small occasional trades by barter.
The coolness and reflection with which this act was managed and concerted, raises its enormity and blackens its turpitude.
Bees are always to be managed with boldness and decision.
All wanted to see him, and as soon as permission to travel was granted several managed to reach his camp.
Nevertheless, he managed to consult the best authorities.
The meeting of different societies vary greatly, and they should be managed differently in order to obtain the best results.
The dinner will be better dressed, and the horses better managed.
These well-managed companies with excellent technology have impressive returns.
The way that information is managed touches all areas of life.
But the crisis showed that even well-managed firms, acting prudently in a downturn, can undermine the strength of all.
For managed-care firms, the incentives are already there.
The colonel managed to hold out until now because he fights without restraint.
And he never managed to implement congestion charging.
Thanks to sharp risk management, the investment bank has managed to navigate the turmoil better than its peers.
It is increasingly being recognised that managed bees need food supplements.
He killed two people before one of the congregants, a former policewoman, managed to shoot him.
The government wants a new, centrally managed authority to allocate water.
Managed wisely, this boom has the potential to do great good.
The top-performing tax-managed funds are in the box.
His diatribes against modern science can make you wonder how he has managed to gain so much influence.
On unionized campuses, how people are managed is clearly articulated.
Doing so would require changing the way the region's lands are managed.
The article was somewhat complete and managed to round up the usual suspects.
But when properly managed the flow of uptime with a mediative mind is both a boost for creativity, problem solving and virtuosity.
It could be that someone brought one in as an eventual snack but that snack managed to get loose.
Each organization would be managed and staffed by specialists.
Any newcomer has to fill all the niche roles that its predecessor managed.
Everything is managed because everything is impacted by humans.
It can take as little as four months to do this if your logistics are managed right.
It's disappointing that this error managed to make it all the way through and into print.
New research suggests these two kinds of creatures managed to survive because their ancestors took to the water.
However, he managed to tip the chair over whereupon all the defendants got up and started fighting with the marshals.
Wind power, meanwhile, has managed to stay out of the headlines.
They were allowed to travel the racing circuit, and some even managed their owners' racing operation.
But even when they're bad, these insects can be managed.
Predators have to be managed and made afraid of humans to keep them at a safe distance.
He has successfully managed a real business with other people's money and some of his own.
Somehow, though, the fax machine has managed to survive.
Somehow, her husband managed to break free and run from the house.
Corporate-driven managed care is managing care right out of the system.
The co-pilot managed to get the autopilot back on and the plane came back under their control.
Somehow kids managed to survive for a few hours not eating between meals.
These too are a sort of flow that needs to be managed lest it sweep you away.
The subscriber database for our bi-monthly, award winning print magazine is managed by a third-party fulfillment company.
The system even included a mechanism that automatically managed population growth based on production rates.
Despite huge demand for replacement organs, few companies have managed to produce tissue-engineered therapies for market.
The inevitable clashes with existing corporate cultures, metrics, and motivations must be managed.
Nevertheless, it has to be monitored carefully and managed carefully.
Some people may be against it because it open the door to corruption, but well-managed subsidies do work in the long run.
When viewed through that prism, it seems clear and even necessary that such a project is publicly funded and managed.
Over the years, they've managed only to make ice cream seem more mundane.
Sandra didn't complain of tingling feet, thirst, or blurry vision--the common symptoms of a poorly managed diabetic condition.
We managed to clone early-stage embryos that grew to four or six cells in size.
But both groups managed to send delegates to the other.
But so far, no one has managed to observe them directly.
No one has ever managed to grow a truffle in the lab, without a tree.
Restoring the health of the credit system, while some slight progress has been made, is not being managed well.
At the time, there were long waiting lists: owned and managed by local authorities, such houses were intensely desirable.
But even that word managed at times to be well and truly ambivalent.
Managed long-term care might be the right option for you or a loved one.
Managed care initiative aims to help improve care coordination, reduce costs.
Description of the annual managed care enrollment report.
Health maintenance organizations were the first form of managed care.
That's an appropriately tortured construction for two badly managed occupations.
And she managed to do it without the self-righteous territoriality that is the occupational vice of human-rights experts.
She was upbeat by nature, and she managed to maintain her optimism.
Others managed to jump to safety atop the vending machines.
Slowly, one building at a time, he has managed to create a genuine urban transformation through architecture.
Alicia has done one job well, managed her family life, but she has a lot of catching up to do in the professional realm.
She answered the phones, managed the office and helped cover stories.
For much of the last year, discount chains and luxury retailers managed to ride above the recession.
He follows a long line of celebs who have managed their money so poorly that they've had to file for bankruptcy.
He had also stage-managed the promotion of several protégés to senior positions in the party's highest councils.
For her final six months they had managed her condition, carrying her from bed to wheelchair.
She managed somehow to make garage rock both literary and iconic.
He sold some neighboring leases and managed to raise enough for one last wildcat, but this too came in dry.
By dint of their herculean effort, and thanks to favorable river conditions, they managed to pull the huge structure free.
They managed to get on the property ladder and do well for themselves.
Apparently they managed to invent the ball but somehow missed the wheel.
It is free from the pressures of being a publicly traded company, and it is managed as the original management sees fit.

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