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The area is prime habitat for many birds and mammals.
The slow-moving mammals secret world is revealed in this video.
They have shown that all human beings are incredibly similar genetically-much more so than other species of large mammals.
Smaller mammals include raccoons and opossums that hunt for small fish and invertebrates.
Coconut palms tower overhead, sheltering colorful birds and water mammals.
Dolphins are sea mammals that are part of the cetacean family, which also includes whales and porpoises.
Swimming with dolphins is an enjoyable way to learn more about these sea mammals by actually getting into the water with them.
They are unique among seagoing mammals in their herbivorous nature.
It then goes on to infect other mammals, including rats.
In many mammals the development of normal vision requires exposure to light during a critical period following birth.
The resulting strains are dramatically more dangerous because they can be transmitted between mammals through the air.
He has looked, in particular, at the interactions between zoo-held apes and local birds and small mammals.
What makes it unusual among mammals is that it is both sociable and monogamous.
As of this week rescuers had collected hundreds of oiled birds, turtles and mammals.
Whether it does so in mammals has yet to be established.
Back in the present, the next order of business is to apply the research to mammals.
Marine mammals such as whales and dolphins spend their entire lives at sea.
Today's placental and marsupial mammals range in form from mice and whales to koalas and kangaroos.
The other mammals that share almost hairless bodies are elephants and pigs.
Hairless, legless and confined to the sea, whales make for unlikely mammals.
They are also the sole living member of their genus and one of world's only venomous mammals.
Songbird bones may be hollow, but they're actually denser than the bones of mammals of the same size.
Humans aren't the only mammals with a swinging singles scene.
The same thickening is found in all fossil and modern cetaceans but not in other mammals, the group notes.
Compared with other mammals, primates-from lemurs to humans-have huge brains.
Loss of egg yolk genes in mammals and the origin of lactation and placentation.
Beneficial oils typically produced by fish can now be manufactured by mammals, according to a new report.
Although microbes may have invented alcohol, it was the mammals that mastered it.
But small-brained mammals and other vertebrates have relatively smooth brains.
These winged mammals inspire fear, wonder, and even movies.
Some mammals have an attractive solution for coping with long winters-sleep through them.
It confirms, for instance, that all of the recorded aircraft collisions with terrestrial mammals have occurred on the ground.
The high-quality of their genomes puts dogs into the top tier of sequenced mammals, along with mice and humans.
Fascinated by the graceful gliding of these mammals with.
Scientists have known for some time that birds breathe in a different way than mammals do.
Many mammals have enzymes in their digestive tract that detoxify plants that would otherwise be harmful.
Carnivores eat only meat, of course, which means they eat other mammals that live on plants.
The relationship between brain size and group size has also been observed in other social mammals, such as carnivores and whales.
Whales are highly-modified, once-hoofed mammals which are entirely aquatic.
It's an elegant system, but the hitch was that no one had been able to get the same thing to happen in mammals.
Its presence may tell us something about the social lives of these extinct mammals.
As a lineage of mammals evolves, it acquires traits that will set all its subsequent members apart from other mammals.
Among the vertebrates both mammals and birds have relatively large brains.
Most mammals and many birds besides jacanas practice uniparental care.
The deep seafloor itself, well beyond the range of diving mammals, is inhabited by an incredible diversity of animals.
The reason for mammals' hot body temperatures had been an open question, the scientists say.
Most mammals can trace their origins to a single ancestral species.
All mammals get fevers, and even sick lizards instinctively head for a hot rock.
Mammals come in many different shades, but never the color green.
Plant-eating mammals pose a great threat to plant-eating insects.
Rats and other mammals ingest the eggs, which produce cysts mainly in the brain.
The discovery marks the first time scientists have seen this cold-blooded survival strategy in mammals.
The evolution of this ability could explain why they lost the close-range whiskers of other mammals in the first place.
Unlike mammals and birds, they can't generate and retain their own heat, and their body temperature depends on their surroundings.
Armadillos are the only living mammals that wear such shells.
These mammals can stay underwater for six minutes before surfacing.
They often work together to prey upon large mammals.
Early mammals were not only bigger than previously thought-some were carnivores and hunted small dinosaurs for dinner.
They live near water and favor coasts and lakes where fish are plentiful, though they will also snare and eat small mammals.
For the first time, great apes have been observed making and using tools to hunt mammals, according to a new study.
It's fairly common among mammals--look at kittens and puppies.
The original version of this story misstated the approximate hearing threshold for humans and marine mammals.
That, in turn, wiped out the dinosaurs and made way for the rise of mammals.
Federal officials have also raised alarms about the damage that has already been done to turtles, seabirds and marine mammals.
It's an important step because a dog's reproductive system is slightly different from that of other mammals.
Agate's rich prairie environment provides year round homes for many species of mammals and seasonal hunting grounds for others.
Burrowing mammals dig burrows and tunnels in rangeland that can be quite extensive.
Use this checklist as a guide to the presence and abundance of the park's mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.
Usually the meat-eating mammals require larger territories than similar-sized plant-eating mammals.
Bobcats, coyotes, and other mammals are often seen lurking about during the heat of the afternoon.
Using cross-sections of teeth is one way to age mammals.

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