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Metals vary in this respect; pure gold is the most malleable.
And with its malleable shape, it could clean almost anywhere.
Passengers are much more malleable when they understand what's going on.
Yes, it is highly malleable and easy to shape.
Our malleable minds take well to proper mental care and feeding.
Unlike most other forms of media, games are inherently malleable.
She reminds us of who we once were before we replaced hard realities with easily malleable images.
Carbon can be molded to be the hardest, most malleable, conductive material there is.
The formation of memories is a malleable process, indeed.
The way the designer layered his looks, with techno sportswear or malleable cloth, was a subtle new riff on a signature style.
The knowing makes you less malleable and motivated by fear of the different.
He tends the material every day, keeping it fresh and malleable, even if he doesn't work on his art at all.
But it's become clear in the last few decades that in fact, even the adult human brain is quite malleable.
Get your soap wet so the surface is malleable and use your fingers to smooth the small bits onto the larger bar.
The deformation must have occurred during infancy, when the victims' skull bones were soft and malleable.
The cravings' timing varies and is malleable, which makes the disorder harder to understand.
As a nation we've treated certain civil liberties as malleable, when necessary, from the start.
One thing we've learned about the brain is that it's malleable throughout our lives.
To think of the workflow not as static, but as a malleable and constantly changing system.
Few phenomena of our time offer ideas as seductive, malleable, and engaging as the computer for thinking about ourselves.
In fact, the mammal brain is surprisingly malleable over the course of evolution.
But facts are tenuous or malleable things to them, only useful for ignoring or distortion.
Those are malleable desires, and can be influenced by society through rewards and punishments.
But thanks to computing power the products have become infinitely more malleable.
These dystopias are readily imaginable only because at some level it is obvious that human nature is malleable.
Where there is a receptive audience, anything is possible and the truth malleable, as long as the result is a raucous ovation.
Makeup artists use a cotton swab to add color and the look of rotting flesh to the malleable flesh-colored face mask.
In many cases they are also more malleable workers, less eager to challenge working conditions or join unions.
Whether malleable teens are likely to copy the acts they see is debatable.
Charm, intelligence, cunning and especially hysteria all play on his malleable face.
The necklace is malleable and can also be worn as a bracelet.
He appeared to be malleable, a creature of shifting surfaces.
Selecting malleable employees and hyper-loyal professional attendants has been customary for this type over the generations.
He's rubbing his neck, moving his malleable hair from left to right, and tugging at his eyebrows.
The mantle is cooler than the core and although solid circulates with the consistency of malleable plastic.
Machines parts and tooling and repairs castings and other malleable materials.
Only steel or malleable iron materials are acceptable.
Malleable iron is the result of heat treating iron over an extended period.

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