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What should be a source of novelty and delight can fall prey to the malign effects of boredom and routine.
My point here is not to malign all graduate students.
This is the part where the maligning happens and I'm not doing it.
Before you malign someone's character next time, base it on all the facts.
Their malign neglect has been with purpose.
The Maldives is in a position to realize better than most the malign power of global warming.
That has made it harder to sort malign from benign business practices.
Using an apology to malign the competition is smarmy at best.
Whether it's benign or malign is an individual factor.
Most of the time, there is nothing obviously malign about this.
The cold war never ended; it took less malign forms after 1991.
The oracles also play the role of exorcist-expelling or controlling malign spirits believed to be in patients.
Both the media and the political process seem to have broken down, or to have been made captive of limited and malign agendas.
Many in the online world cherish freedom of speech and hesitate to exclude even the malign.
One of the malign effects of financial crises is that they impair productive capacity, but estimates of the damage vary widely.
Singaporeans know their government is efficient and clean, and that those who malign its leaders are likely to end up in court.
His influence on the quality of news has been malign.
Its distributed nature has the virtue of making it less amenable than, say, broadcasting to being controlled in some malign way.
Complaints about the malign effects of congestion, especially from business, are at a new pitch.
The still air keeps the smoke close to the surface, exacerbating its malign effects on health.
He criticised biologists for their naivety in failing to consider possible malign applications of data derived from their work.
It also launched a campaign to overturn the country's malign social and political order.
Let's face it, there is always a chance someone with malign intent is going to get on a plane.

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