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Example sentences for malfunction

The investigators acknowledge that they have no evidence pointing to a mechanical malfunction.
Officials say the explosion was caused by an electrical malfunction.
En route to the hangar, the shuttle's crawler-transporter had suffered a malfunction.
The sun may have cooked the batteries, causing them to malfunction.
Putting the earbuds up against a pacemaker or implanted defibrillator can cause it to malfunction.
The fire on board could have been either the result of a bomb or of some kind of engine malfunction.
Poor conductive water can make the whole body malfunction.
The company released a photograph of the stubby cylindrical rocket in flight before the malfunction.
The authors suggest that a malfunction of this gene in the placenta could be responsible for the disease.
However, for those who set a one-time alarm for this morning, some may have experienced the malfunction.
Amenorrhea is the lack of menstrual flow and can be a normal occurrence or a sign of malfunction or disease.
The process began to malfunction only relatively recently.
But you might not get this result in your earthly life span, and this is no indication of malfunction in the system.
Likewise, attempts to use another machine also may cause it to malfunction.
It had been accidentally activated by a mechanical malfunction in a piece of testing equipment.
Thus neurology is often less the study of how brains function, than of the myriad ways in which they malfunction.
Large genetic studies have ruled out the idea that the malfunction of a universal gene or set of genes causes autism.
And if an element happens to copy itself into the wrong place it can cause an existing gene to malfunction.
In the next step, the possible malfunction accounting for the optical phenomena is noted.
The findings come from a deceptively simple study of people using a computer mouse rigged to malfunction.
Only when there's a malfunction are the settings changed.
The emergency may have caused the radios to malfunction.
Now its worrying enough for me to think about my suffering should this computer malfunction.
Alcoholism is not caused by an internal malfunction but a social problem and therefore is not the same kind of a disease.
Their malfunction has been linked to a number of diseases and disorders.
No one wants to have a car dashboard malfunction because of an inferior part that cost only a few pence.
It has many of the same genes as humans, and they happen to be genes that can cause disease when they malfunction.
Technology can be great but it possesses so many vulnerabilities to malfunction.
The chances of distracting the audience or a malfunction also puts me off the idea.
All it takes is one wardrobe malfunction to throw you off your game.
The channels that carry heat from the engine compartment to the cabin are really long, and they tend to rust out and malfunction.
Many common pesticides and herbicides have also been linked to amphibian immune malfunction.
If you're using technological aids, have a backup plan in case of a malfunction.
The same malfunction can provoke high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, or epilepsy.
Either way, this damage causes brain malfunction, which becomes evident as the signs and symptoms of a stroke.
Future studies will need to look into the exact reasons the pathways begin to malfunction.
Should it malfunction simply return it to us for a replacement.
If it is about providing telling insights into how real economies function and malfunction, he still has few rivals.
It makes more sense to me if the spiral-making of the third stage isn't a malfunction, but instead intended.
The genetic malfunction bestowed the cell with the ability to grow out of control, ultimately creating lung cancer.
If a rig is unable to drill because of equipment malfunction or maintenance work at port, it earns nothing.
They're vulnerable to malfunction and mischief that could go undetected.
The malfunction, first detected last fall, has cut the amount of electricity supplied to the station.
In the unlikely event of a malfunction, the bed and its patient will automatically be sealed in a block of concrete.
Investigators said the condition appeared to be caused by a malfunction of the master switch that controls the power windows.
Somehow, his liver was the rare body part spared malfunction.
And he never forgot that markets can malfunction terribly.
The agency says that a throttle-body malfunction may be causing the condition.
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