malfeasance in a sentence

Example sentences for malfeasance

They will pay for their heavy handed malfeasance.
In Chicago, a babbling burglar was telling a gripping tale of police malfeasance.
These contrasting prosecutorial strategies raise difficult questions about the correct way to address corporate malfeasance.
And with those huge paychecks came renewed incentives for malfeasance.
New reports of possible malfeasance keep coming fast and furious.
With welfare gone, malfeasance is back.
Ward said the returns did not show any malfeasance.
Cricket is hardly immune from the stain of malfeasance.
He received almost no royalties from his music due to record-label malfeasance.
The evidence doesn't back you up while there is plenty of evidence of malfeasance in the private sector.
He has also reported on issues of academic and management malfeasance, and the consequences of a rapid rise in spending on sports.
The critics believe that a lack of specific regulations has allowed malfeasance and mismanagement to creep into the program.
And not having to admit to any malfeasance in the over billings and all the other questionable tricks.
Most opposition parties say they will vote against the bill unless it contains safeguards against malfeasance.
Corruption, nepotism and malfeasance in office was rampant.
When they screw up at their job their malfeasance affects a global economy.
It's successful in revealing the human cost of economic malfeasance from the ground up.
Instead, he wants to go where he sees the real malfeasance.
Thalidomide was removed from the market, and the drug became almost synonymous with pharmaceutical malfeasance.
She has accused fellow climate researchers of malfeasance without a hint of evidence.
Things will get better when the voting population refuses to accept malfeasance from either party.
He hardly ever takes on a particular case of alleged coal-company malfeasance.
Bonnie never wanted to be without a pen to record the latest in student malfeasance.
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