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Example sentences for malevolent

This anthropomorphically loaded deity might equally well be malevolent or just plain neutral.
Only a shaman can turn the malevolent power into a protective force.
As people gain understanding of the way the body works, the potential for making truly malevolent agents increases, too.
The mistreatment of him seems pointlessly malevolent.
She bore 16 children, but only seven survived their toddlerhoods (four of these deaths were blamed on a malevolent family ghost).
Apparently, his nature had an even deeper, more malevolent side.
But there is something else going on inside his head, too, more malevolent.
Tucker fleshes out the story, leaving readers understanding how both guileless and malevolent actions can be misconstrued.
But not malevolent aliens — just strange, pale, oddly dressed aliens.
Of course the flip side of the one-party system is that it doesn't prevent a malevolent despot from taking the reins of power.
The second effect of his misfortune was to render him malevolent.
They aren't good people with bad information, these are malevolent people who want to drag the world into a new dark age.
It's fast-paced, lurid, exploitative and loaded with malevolent energy.
These costumes were intended both to protect revelers from any malevolent spirits and to fool households they visited.
What people now understand as being unethical research was not always the product of malevolent intentions.
Others consider the law a malevolent antique that destroys the environment and robs the taxpayer as well.
Should that loving attention to the body turn malevolent, you have torture.
They awoke at night to the malevolent sound of rain.
The universe will always seem a potentially malevolent place to me, ready to unleash some unknown disaster at any moment.
It has form and direction and even a sort of malevolent logic.
But the strongest crypto is gossamer protection if malevolent people have access to the computers on the other end.
To attribute this to malevolent media is grossly to flatter our powers.
Because it ended so fast, the series never had the chance to be corrupted by longevity, let alone malevolent network execs.
Hideous they may sometimes be, but malevolent they were not.
Besides the weaponry and the enemy--monstrous, profoundly malevolent bugs--a few other things have changed.
On the contrary, they make all too much malevolent sense.
Too bad this election season is rampant with suspicious and malevolent behavior.
It features a weapons-wise, no-nonsense heroine who combats a malevolent wizard and his bumbling sidekick.

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