malevolence in a sentence

Example sentences for malevolence

Yes, much of the time, malevolence is not the reason behind such questions.
The way the eyes are lit and something about the shape of the mask give an impression of unconcerned malevolence.
They seemed to devote all of their leisure time–and baboon life is mostly leisure time–to mischief and malevolence.
The dispute between the grandparents and uncle was free of malevolence found in similar cases.
But that is less a consequence of its malevolence than of its novelty.
The answers have little to do with malevolence, and a lot to do with circumstance.
His one eye gleamed with malevolence.
Where the government has tripped up so far, it seems to have been mainly from inexperience rather than malevolence.
He seemed possessed of a granite-like malevolence.
It paradoxically communicates strength, malevolence, fear and hope.
There is more than malevolence and menace in his character.
But when a disaster is caused by human malevolence, the impact can seem even more intense.
The malevolence and unbounded greed of the criminal organizations trafficking in drugs cannot be ignored or understated.
Sprawl occurs not because of the malevolence of developers or the incompetence of government.
Bad leadership is not always the result of bad character or intentional malevolence.
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