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There has been enormous progress over the past three years in distributing the means to prevent and treat malaria.
Anyone having malaria is quarantined and treated before he is allowed to mix with the community.
Malaria has been known about since ancient times and has gone under many names.
Doctors estimate more than a million people die of malaria each year.
More than a million people every year die from malaria.
They were weakened by hunger, crippled by festering sores, incapacitated by malaria and dysentery.
Researchers are teaching malaria drugs new tricks in the struggle to come up with non-resistant antibiotics.
Malaria is a disease caused by parasites that are carried by mosquitoes.
Malaria is caused by parasites that are transmitted by mosquitoes.
Insecticide-treated bed nets may be low-tech, but they are a highly effective way to prevent the spread of malaria.
Fighting malaria will require more innovative defenses.
Dengue is carried by mosquitoes and is the scourge of urban areas in the developing world, much as malaria is in rural regions.
Malaria has always afflicted us, they say, and always will.
The government deliberately kept the forest there infected with malaria.
Eradicating malaria in the developing world is also an information and knowledge management problem.
The complete genomes of both the parasite that causes malaria and the mosquito that carries it have now been unravelled.
Malaria effectively saps the vitality of entire regions.
Malaria kills approximately one million people each year.
But malaria doesn't know economics, gender, or race.
Spending money on eradicating malaria definitely seems to be helping.
Nearly half a billion people get malaria worldwide each year.
The diagnosis of malaria was the first test because it demands a high-quality image.
Efforts to reduce deaths from malaria are also starting to deliver impressive results.
In some villages, customers have had enough money to buy mosquito nets, an effective way to prevent malaria.
The same paper made a similarly compelling case for more to be spent on the control and treatment of malaria.
Malaria is found mainly in parts of the world that are tropical and humid.
Wild birds have caught the canary pox virus, and penguins have been stricken by avian malaria.
Deaths in childbirth and from malaria are down sharply, she added.
Insecticide-treated bed nets may be low-tech, but they're a highly effective way to prevent the spread of malaria.
Leeches, snakes, and malaria were always on my mind.
It was a perfect hotbed of malaria, and there was no dry ground whatever in which to camp.
Most of the party had malaria, and could be kept going only by large doses of quinine.
The pesticide, which killed insects that spread typhus and malaria, was almost certainly instrumental in saving millions of lives.
Insects as vectors of disease-typhus, malaria, yellow fever.
Health specialists also worried about the prospect of mosquito-borne diseases, such as yellow fever and malaria, in the tropics.
The swamp was a breeding ground for malaria, and the disease was killing off the population.
New strategies to alter the genes of mosquitoes hold promise for fighting the spread of diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.
Many cases are misdiagnosed as malaria, which is another red blood cell infection.
Rising temperatures might extend the range of tropical diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.
Immunization rates have increased and incidences of malaria have decreased.
Mosquitoes are not native here, nor is the avian malaria that they carry.
Some diseases will spread, such as malaria carried by mosquitoes.
Symptoms of malaria do not usually kick in until several weeks after contraction of the disease.
In the long fight against malaria, progress finally seems to be coming, if incrementally.
In the case of malaria, however, that defense mechanism may backfire.
Growing resistance is threatening global malaria-control efforts.
It's the oldest genetic proof for malaria in well-dated mummies.
Two drugs that doctors have long used to treat malaria and certain psychotic illnesses may one day find a new use.
Kadi got sick last year, her father says, when a bad strain of malaria killed several people in town.
Millions of the displaced are at risk of diarrhoea, malaria and other mundane killers.
Outbreaks of malaria, measles and diarrhoea have been worsened by contaminated water.
Reservoirs may serve as hosts for mosquitoes and the diseases, including malaria, that they spread.
It is easy to forget today how dangerous malaria continues to be.
But this is impractical in parts of the world where malaria is common.
Eve will intelligently test drugs for malaria by hypothesizing how drug molecules of various shapes would perform.
Billions are being spent that could be better spent on clean water and malaria vaccine.
Then you've got malaria, which is probably further down.
Deaths from malaria are rising as older medicines fail.
Despite the millions of dollars devoted to research and outreach, malaria has largely evaded our best efforts at eradication.
With the exception of digitalis for heart failure and quinine for malaria, there were almost no effective drugs.
In mild malaria, the red blood cells appear speckled with pink.
He was suffering from malaria and had developed a potentially deadly bacterial infection after slicing his leg on a boulder.

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