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Example sentences for malaise

Troubled by what he saw as China's spiritual malaise, he soon abandoned medicine to pursue literature.
This creates a sort of malaise because they'll never be satisfied.
And he comes to grip with a malaise that has been with him since childhood.
There's ample melody in the music, and the lyrics hold anguish and malaise.
Since then my dream has become a malaise, and I continue to work as a secretary.
But pleasure offers more of the same: a moment's enthusiasm, followed by dull malaise.
It began its long malaise as one of the richest societies on earth.
Your malaise is not uncommon, as you will see if you stick around for a while.
The greenback's malaise is now so bad that currency specialists are considering central bank intervention to halt the rout.
But in the mid- and long-term the malaise won't have been cured.
But he is now able to charge this naive accent with a new complexity of emotion, a malaise.
The dishwater light trickles through the window and infects me with malaise.
Rather, he was speaking to the widespread malaise in this country and in the other developed nations.
The sense is of the ultimate malaise: of destruction.
Doctors leave because of political unrest and economic malaise, but money is a major factor.
It's not about a cultural malaise and filmmakers with nothing new to say.
But so deep is the current economic malaise gripping the country that thousands of people were taken in.
There have been a number of phrases that have grown out of our current economic malaise.
Terrorism, of course, is fueled in part by economic malaise and harsh politics.
The current economic malaise will increase the pressure on companies to become more efficient.
The data barely show it yet, but the financial malaise could yet be aggravated by a broader economic malaise.
However, the malaise in the market for corporate debt goes far wider than these two big names.
Prices have been driven so high at a time of economic malaise that many people simply cannot afford it.
Big questions have been raised about inequality and social malaise.
The housing market's malaise is deepening all the while.
Its fiscal malaise was too profound to be sorted out by a bridging loan.
The labour restrictions are in truth a symptom of a deeper malaise.
Malaise is a symptom that can occur with almost any significant health condition.
Fatigue occurs with malaise in many common diseases.
Polls reveal they were articulating a broader malaise.
To be honest, the interview did not get bad ratings because of the national malaise.

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