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The miniscule water boatman makes the loudest sound for body size in the animal kingdom.
Distance makes us less likely to think these problems are going to have a negative effect on us.
Our students' spectacular hunger for life makes them radically vulnerable.
Genetic research finally makes its way into the thinking of sociologists.
Such a combination makes some students nearly unteachable.
The attention on teacher quality and the questioning of teacher education makes this a moment of opportunity.
But predicting criminality makes a lot of people nervous.
So she makes the round of holiday parties, makes cookies and makes pies, makes jokes and makes new friends.
The roomy table at one end of the living room makes hosting meals easy.
Nearly every outer leaf makes its own flower, so the bigger the plant, the heavier the bloom.
Lee makes the fillings in advance, then demonstrates how to fill the wrappers.
Plenty of room makes it easier to toss the contents.
Heat the pan over medium-high heat until a small dollop of batter dropped in makes a sizzling noise.
Surprisingly, jicama-a crisp, beige-skinned root-makes a great stand-in.
Keeping the plant too wet makes it easier for bacteria or fungi to establish themselves.
Putting lightweight, recycled aluminum into cars makes them lighter and more efficient, as well.
It also makes hormones and performs other kidney functions.
Information about what makes an animal a primate should be included.
The color, composition and lighting are superb as well, but it is the whole situation that makes it fun and intriguing.
Practice makes perfect-and the more you play the jazz of travel, the better you become at it.
All of these things help to define your sense of place, or what makes a certain place have its own distinctive character.
Oil also helps to keep engine surfaces clean, makes start-up easier, and limits rust and corrosion.
Energy makes action and action makes great pictures.
Increasingly, scientists agree that it isn't physical need that makes animal smart, but social necessity.
Visual tension makes photos much more engaging, and small elements can go a long way toward creating that extra energy.
He generally makes a few polite remarks as he takes her up the aisle.
No beginnings of things however small are to be neglected because continuance makes them great.
Wealth is not his who makes it but his who enjoys it.
It makes the shape so heavy and makes no melody harder.
It makes mercy and relaxation and even a strength to spread a table fuller.
If her temper be good, want of education makes her soft and easy.
Her wit, for want of teaching, makes her impertinent and talkative.
Conscience may grant a truce to the guilty, but never makes a lasting truce.
Pastry flour contains more starch and less gluten than bread flour, therefore makes a lighter, more tender cake.
Sloth makes all things difficult, but industry all easy.
One penny in the money-box makes more noise than when it is full.
When the river makes a noise it is either dried up or much swollen.
But being able to feel a bit better-off than someone else makes it a bit more bearable.
Their relatively short wavelength makes the transmission equipment compact and the antennas small.
The time may come when supplying weapons to the opposition makes sense.
Time after time, it is shown that inequality makes these matters worse.
Second, a nominal target should encourage firms and workers to behave in a way that makes the target self-fulfilling.
And falling fertility is a boon for what it makes possible, which is economic growth.
Despite the fact that people are attached to the romantic nature that the aurora makes noise, it's physically impossible.
There should be a law that makes it illegal to put cilantro into anyone's food without their expressed permission.
The finding underscores a trait that makes people distinctive: our prolonged childhood.
Whenever a shark-caused human fatality occurs, it makes headline news.
While in groups, animals from birds to mongooses employ a lookout that makes a sound every few seconds to signal that all's well.
Once the parasite lands on a crab, it makes its way to a joint in the crustacean's exoskeleton.
What makes them special is that she makes them only for holidays.
Such sugary beverages should really be considered dessert-so putting them in dessert makes sense.
The rain and fog suffuse the mountains with the moisture that makes them so astonishingly full of life.
Sure, color would work too but what a statement this choice makes.
Understanding how this makes any sense, though, requires a bit more explanation.
Sometimes it is the ordinary nature of these objects that actually makes them so extraordinary.
One of the newest methods relies on a gene that makes algae sensitive to light.
The place closes around me and makes me safe and makes me want to sing.
But in many ways it's a bad incentive because it makes you too specialized.
This, of course, also makes the supply somewhat uncertain.
But what makes this soup is the pistou that's stirred in before serving-it really packs a punch.
It might be portable, but a single patty makes a meager meal, so coco bread was invented to make the patty into a full lunch.
Its rich body makes it a seriously satisfying dinner any night of the week.
The question is how a bacterium from a cow's gut makes its way onto a carrot.
When strangers cross this boundary, it makes us feel uncomfortable.
Its larva makes its home in the leaves of apple trees.
Whether deleted outright or tagged in way that makes it unreadable, it no longer does its job.
Completely blind, it is literally stabbing in the dark but it makes up for its imprecision with brutality.
It tells the pancreas to make more insulin, makes our cells more sensitive to this hormone, and makes us feel full.
The beetle makes an incision in its prey's back with its jaws.
It might seem strange for the meerkats and babblers to be so consistently duped by the drongo, but their behaviour makes sense.
But the second one makes matters worse rather than better.
No scenario makes private ownership of wild animals reasonable or fair.
They can manage the club so well that its on-field success makes it a good business.
Goat gone feral comes in where the fence is open comes in and makes hay and nips the tree seedlings.
The movie makes you uncomfortable, but in a good way.
And players are the biggest expense that teams have: they get sixty per cent of whatever the league makes above a billion dollars.
One of your genes, for instance, makes the protein insulin.
But what makes this book special is the rich context the author provides.
The fact that he writes under his father's name makes matters worse, if anything.
There is an irony which usually defeats the memoir and makes it an inferior art.
It doesn't clearly and powerfully demonstrate what makes the painter significant.
It makes us all happy to write and she had discovered a way of writing she could do and be happy every day.
Yet his statement's closing quip makes it clear that his choice of item was carefully attuned to its moment.
Darwinians have yet to produce a theory which makes specific predictions possible.
My responsibility is to make music that's progressive, that makes me happy, that makes everyone happy.
There is a misconception out there that having a great education and a trust fund somehow makes it harder to buy cocaine.
Tenderness-provided they possess a physical charm, which makes their tenderness worth having.
In other words, what makes you a loser in high school is probably a predictor of your future success.
The mission or purpose of my company makes me feel my job is important.
The news is significant because it makes possible a new set of experiments that should answer some important questions.
Adding more cores to a computer makes it faster, but it also makes it tricky to program.
What makes smart phones attractive--the ability to customize them by downloading applications--is what makes them dangerous.
The researchers developed a system that makes it possible to transform solids directly into a useful mixture of gases.
What makes this possible is the addition of buffer layers between the semiconductor layers.
It's that coating that makes the difference in the quality of the light.
The improvement makes it practical to integrate optical and electronic components.
No, what truly makes this parasite provocative is its profitability.
It got me thinking about innovation-both where ideas come from and what makes them successful in the marketplace.
The technique makes it more resilient and easier to manufacture and use in devices, without sacrificing its electronic properties.

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