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If that doesn't make sense to you, there's a good reason for it: it doesn't make sense.
Sometimes have is even transferred from the verb with which it would make sense to the other with which it makes nonsense.
The senseless combination of words or the absurd linking of thoughts must make sense after all.
Several people expressed disbelief and fired off questions to help them make sense of it.
Choosing one extreme or the other doesn't make sense.
Does not make sense to me they'd be used for designing respirator masks.
Other studies have found a correlation between music speed and rate of eating, which seems to make sense.
Others only make sense if you know they derive from a misspelling.
The only way to make sense of these discoveries was to put similar species side by side and sort out the subtle differences.
But there's also the question of how to make sense of it all.
What's interesting is that these traders don't make sense of all this information alone.
The image is color-coded to make sense to human eyes, which are blind in the infrared.
After all, it might make sense for natural selection to eliminate those genes and mutations responsible for physical decline.
The challenge for the next decade will be to make sense of all that.
It seems to make sense, but the more you think of it, the odder it becomes.
But he said it is also true that scientific methods and approaches are applied where they do not always make sense.
Understand how each option functions and spread your money around in proportions that make sense for your relative sense of risk.
All that fuss about hoked-up memoirs and not a word about the put-ons of personal essayists-it doesn't make sense.
It's not easy to make sense of all these conflicting views.
Critics say research and good teaching are inextricably linked and that separating them doesn't make sense.
Thus, it could make sense for colleges to reach out to parents as well as students when recruiting there.
It will make sense if things change back to where capital gains are not taxed at preferential rates.
Comparing conations from individuals who work for non-profit universities with corporate donations doesn't make sense.
Alternative programs make sense to me because what you are really after is qualifying people who are able to teach effectively.
Getting along with an academic boss, then, involves a set of basic strategies that probably make sense in any workplace.
But many of the booking strategies employed by professional sports teams make sense for all travelers.
Eyes help many animals make sense of the world around them-and survive.
You'll learn about the histories of the cities and be able to make sense of what happened to them and when.
To us, if a country's economic development isn't measured in dollars, it doesn't make sense.
At first glance, these teammates don't seem to make sense.
It doesn't make sense to buy a state-of-the-art heating unit if all that heat is going to drift outside.
Geographers ask these questions to make sense of the distribution and concentrations of human populations.
Maps, articles, and more help you make sense of this war-torn land.
It would make sense for directors to study rodents so that they could correctly animate the critters.
Chances are, if the size doesn't make sense, it was changed on the computer.
Tomorrow, he says, it will make sense for almost everyone.
Remember, composition doesn't need to be realistic or make sense to be successful.
It doesn't make sense in any way: economically, environmentally, or ethically.
And lastly, the plot of the story doesn't make sense.
Yet our brain is able to integrate all the stimuli and make sense of the cacophony of movement and sound.
Still, simply tallying up all our neurons' behavior will not help us make sense of our lives.
Regardless of who wins this sprint, the next race--to make sense of the genome--will be a marathon with many runners.
What this article shows is that there are certain applications for which bio-fuels will make sense.
Trying to make sense of the seemingly endless stream of food and nutrition claims can be overwhelming.
Perhaps you should consider that the reason things here don't make sense to you is because you are scientifically illiterate.
Without one of them, my first post does not make sense.
It also does not make sense to clean and wash everything or use any chemicals as the major efforts.
In an effort to make sense of the repeated gibberish our brains actually perceive real words or phrases.
The stories had to make sense in context and usually were not completely divorced from the experience of the audience.
Computers have hugely increased the availability of information, raising the demand for those sharp enough to make sense of it.
Some of the audience struggled to make sense of the rollercoaster-ride of disconnected themes and motifs.
Rather, it is an established psychological phenomenon in which the brain tries to make sense of fragmentary information.
The fund's economists argue that a universal debt limit does not make sense.
The reason for the rush is that, for low-budget films, the economics of video on demand do make sense.
Programme guides have been pressed into service to try to make sense of all this content.
It does not, however, obviously make sense to give away in advance of a negotiation that you are likely to lie or cheat in it.
But it would make sense: a small fee on each loan would be almost pure profit.
There are brief, euphoric moments, when it almost seems to make sense.
But the signs are that recycling usually does make sense.
Students of the art of healing, both have turned to writing to try and make sense of the world.
His poems, hardly romantic, depict the struggle to make sense of lives that often feel meaningless.
Outsourcing can make sense, in governance as well as business.
The system can help soldiers make sense of the flood of information streaming in.
For investors, too, there are reasons why lock-ups make sense.
Lowering the price thresholds for which instalment plans are available, and extending their length, may make sense in a recession.
Yet her attempt to make sense of his final explosion meets an insuperable obstacle.
It is natural for people to turn to history to try to make sense of things.
The digging, they think, is too deep for either of those explanations to make sense.
But now it is invoked less often as an excuse to avoid doing something that would otherwise make sense.
They helped make sense of the world as he and his family emigrated from one superpower to the other.
They think that the afterlife will be beautiful, and make sense, unlike life.
So we've got to sit down with farmers who are growing the crops and figure out what would make sense.
The second is to make sense of it, which is to say, to produce an account of the unspeakable that anyone can understand.
They came up with a reason but it doesn't make sense.
There's that word again, and notice how the sentence doesn't quite make sense.
And if the doctor's telling you something that doesn't make sense, you've got to question him.
Note that rich people have bid up the value of tax-free munis so that they only make sense if you are in the top tax bracket.
And if you look at the economics of the movie industry, this behavior starts to make sense.
My movements became smoother as bits of technique began to make sense.
These odd bots don't really make sense within the normal parameters of the high-frequency trading business.
One instance where it might make sense is among relatives.
The higher resolution images it takes of the sun might help us make sense of how the sun's magnetic field works.
Sometimes, in some places, some kinds of dams will make sense.
So it may well make sense to offer them retention bonuses to ensure their continued presence.
Nor has anyone suggested that it would make sense to reprise that approach in today's conditions.
Culture is a set of practices which people adopt to make sense of their environment.
We are constantly trying to make the universe make sense.
At the outset, some of these concoctions don't seem to make sense.
Ten minutes later, some of them still didn't make sense.
As the brains of athletes become more efficient, they learn how to make sense of a new situation sooner.
While scientists struggled to make sense of the bones, another community had no doubt about how to interpret the results.
Physicists trying to make sense of the new measurements are facing the same unsatisfactory choices.
But there was another bit of squiggle that didn't make sense.
Therefore, it would make sense that you'd want people on your team who are experts in human behavior and learning.
The robot constantly compares feedback readings to make sure the multiple measurements make sense.
Closure is necessary for their arithmetic operations to make sense.
Biologically, these results make sense, but many of these risks can be inherited too.
Of course, modern corporations no longer need surveys to make sense of their employees' social interactions.
Collaborators and researchers who cited his results are scrambling to make sense of it all.
It's culture that allows us to make sense out of sensation, to find order in a universe that may have none.
Her father's ancestry in particular doesn't make sense in light of the phenotype she's attributing to him.
They're new, they're small, and they didn't make sense.
In any case, intuitively the proportions should make sense.
Moreover, there's no known way to make sense of it as an interval scale either.
Unfortunately, the physics for this matter favoritism doesn't make sense.
It didn't make sense that you would really dine on these things.
After all, when conditions are tough, it might make sense to focus on surviving rather than breeding.
But it also poses a critical challenge for today's hurried nurses and physicians: how to make sense of all that data.
O ne of the challenges of traveling abroad is trying to make sense of signs and restaurant menus written in a foreign language.
Sent him the email and ask him for help in trying to make sense of my results.
But that will require new techniques to make sense of the data.
Comparing batteries to fuel cells doesn't make sense as fuel cells are not energy storage devices.
It make sense to find and use wood eating bugs from the region you're planning to build ethanol plants in.
Because it may make sense to apply it to gaming trends, but not at all to epidemics.
As mentioned, it doesn't make sense to present this as an either or alternative to hybrid-electric.
Then all the probabilities make sense again and the laws of physics regain their power.
Several hours later, we're still trying to make sense of what happened in that suite.
It doesn't even make sense poetically, let alone literally.
It's the story of an alienated middle-aged novelist trying to make sense of his life.
Maybe some actors make sense once they reach a certain age.
There was, however, plenty of evidence that did make sense.
The fifth is by an academic and freelance journalist, whose specialty is scrutinizing and trying to make sense of what he sees.
Indeed, those who ask how the movie industry can possibly make sense are asking the wrong question.
We are torn between admiring some detail in it and wishing to make sense of the whole.
Every age needs to reinterpret the past in order to make sense of the present.
Slowly, over the next four decades, the hundreds of newly discovered particles began to make sense.
For one thing, his arguments sometimes simply don't make sense.
Our senses are confronted by a chaotic, constantly changing world that has no labels, and the brain must make sense of that chaos.
In each case, forking over the ransom may make sense.
Within a program of genuine all out development, schemes for improving the skill levels of those previously excluded make sense.
Work is a way to make sense of human life that doesn't revolve around so-called private life.
Flesh and change make sense to her as part of the workings of necessity, beyond human control.
Such arguments can make sense and be correct, even though they are not generalized or made formal until later grades.
The steps you've taken to support your creative endeavors begin to make sense.
Get into research, where it's all starting to make sense.
It is usually a bad idea to try to explain things that do not make sense.
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