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Example sentences for make out

Up close, you can make out plastic forks and spoons, bottle caps and rubber balloons.
The value of gaming is what you make out of the experience.
Subjects were instructed to press a button as soon as they could make out the scene.
Even though she couldn't make out what was happening clearly, something told her she should stop.
Everyone was trying to make out what was written on the balloon.
From the top, you can barely make out the landing point.
But if you peer long enough into the blackness you can make out shapes.
Standing within the collapsed circles, it is not easy to make out the monument's original blueprint.
When kids can't even make out, the world may truly be coming to an end.
At first, he can't make out the name on it, but when he finally does he is shocked.
It's harder to make out the contours of the philosophy at the core of this dazzling blur of action.
In the photo below, you can barely make out the iconic opera house through the haze.
If you zoom in, you can make out the embankment of the road and the break where the culverts run underneath it.
Sam can make out, nestled up in the crook of the maple tree, the tree house his father built for him.
After having copied three or four of them, he began to make out the structure of the individual movements.
It's not long before you find yourself pushed forward as they make out behind you, drooling on your back.
Another obvious galvanising-and cost-saving-tactic is to make out-of-work benefits stingier.
They can make out who is the boss and who is subordinate.
It takes a while to make out what this is because they're all hunched over their cell phones.
Status lights and buttons above keyboard difficult to make out from a distance of more than eight inches.
We can barely make out the bat's wings as it takes its laps, a flicker of membranes.
We could easily make out the shape and the fact that it was tumbling.
You're going to have to click the image to make out where the different disciplines are.
We can live without all the crazy toys they make out of plastic now.
With bone, one can fashion objects virtually impossible to make out of stone or wood--such as needles.
And/or hasn't the patience, and/or mentally clarity and/or ability to actually make out the message.
On a misty morning the tourists can barely make out an aging, abandoned hydroelectric plant about a mile upstream.
Law enforcement and government agencies authorizing tows from public property must make out a crime inquiry and inspection report.
Salespersons may make out sales checks, take cash and credit card payments, and give change and receipts.
Examples of businesses that pay the tax include headquarter offices and businesses that make out-of-city sales.

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Steel must seek steel, or hate make out of joy a whet-stone for a sword.... more
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