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So, you better figure out how to create some runs to make up for his loss.
Her creations have also inspired customers to duplicate her designs or make up their own.
Two lots make up the property--one developed, the other left natural to protect ocean views.
It may take me weeks to make up my mind in the tomato and pepper sections.
But we're going to have to make up our minds, as time is drawing short.
All day he had been trying to make up his mind to go through with the adventure and now he was acting.
Linguistic categories make up a system of surviving dogma-dogma of the unconscious.
The persevering student meant to make up for the lost time by working until daylight.
These three parts seem either immediately or ultimately to make up the whole price of corn.
To do so you must make up your mind to accept the fact of complicated relationships.
The rent was high enough to make up for the risk-to the property.
Often the show, which tries to accommodate the various genres and age groups that make up pop music, is a horrendous train wreck.
The test requires the writer to make up stories based on a series of line drawings.
They said it had been a mistake, and to make up for it they would do my next surgery for free.
Most who make up the dwindling number are in middle age, or approaching it, and many have two or more decades in the mines.
When it shrinks, the economy shrinks, unless the private sector is strong enough to make up the difference.
Houses, gasoline, health care and education make up the core of our day-to-day life.
The disks will make up much of the future fly, and two in particular are already well on the way to becoming eyes.
McNally thinks people can and do make up powerful memories.
While a few individuals guard the group, the rest busy themselves foraging for the foods that make up their varied diet.
Preserved by the dry desert environment, such works make up the richest body of portraiture to have survived antiquity.
The two-hour event is free and is one of four broadcasts that make up the series.
Make up your mind to do what you want to do, and go for it.
Meanwhile, the farmers continued to produce, sometimes working even harder to make up for lower prices.
But she stops by her seat anyway and then they make up.
But even this obvious stuff, the dread and sorrow, make up a falsely simple picture.
Primary care physicians usually make up almost half the medical staff.
Philosophers, ranging from professors to graduate students, make up the largest contingent.
These units aren't as compact as standard desk audio counterparts, but what they take up in size, they make up for with sound.
Sword-swallowers, fire-eaters, and contortionists make up the core of this troupe.

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