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The model shows that the academic integrity of college courses can be maintained in the high-school setting.
Critics have maintained that the experiments were cruel and unnecessary.
The only solution is to increase publishing, to insure a record of such work is created and maintained.
Not so: the conceit is maintained throughout, apart from a couple of dizzying interruptions.
Conventional superconductors work at subzero temperatures-too low to be maintained economically.
Other scientists, however, maintained the spacecraft was near the termination shock but had not yet crossed it.
Swamp coolers got their name because they add humidity and, if not properly maintained, a musty smell to the air.
They are all hallowed places, somber and impeccably maintained.
There's an airport and ferries to carry people and supplies, and there are plenty of well-maintained roads.
We not only desire peace with the world, but to see peace maintained throughout the world.
For a retailer to make the grade, they must have maintained their integrity and hewed closely to their original vision.
The rest is either stolen or lost in ill-maintained networks.
He maintained that the killing was a political act and that he therefore could not be extradited.
The president was engaged in the war rhetorically but maintained an odd detachment from its management.
The old mice maintained liver function efficiency comparable to six-month-old mice.
Speedy scanned the traffic behind them in the side-view mirror and maintained a tense silence.
Instead, many intellectuals maintained, facts depend on the perspective from which are adduced.
Unsurprisingly, the company maintained its stealthy form by staying quiet on the topic.
Focus will still be manual, although infinity focus is maintained.
The roads are well maintained, with expressways crisscrossing the island.
Austerity was maintained despite pressing social needs and a torrent of immigrants.
In others, power stations were built but not maintained.
Franchising only works, of course, if standards are maintained.
The vortex is maintained by blades that rotate on the inner casing of the combustor.
Because the lifetime of houses is short, cheap construction materials are used and the buildings are not maintained.
But a peace maintained by deterrence alone is a frail thing.
Rarer than rainforest and under threat, these are now maintained mostly thanks to the demand for grouse shooting.
Often, these manipulations are carried out in closed chambers at carefully maintained pressures and temperatures.
They have also maintained adequate capital ratios and ample deposit funding.
Seeing the lack of cash for future rescues, investors doubt this precedent will be maintained.
Thus a relation between the two would be maintained, however half-heartedly.
Some of the samples sat in freezers, others under the sink, and still others in water baths maintained at various temperatures.
In reality, though, even a good typist's speed is seldom steadily maintained.
Through this, homogeneity was maintained through the centuries, with geography providing safety and security.
Entirely all right and equably maintained entanglement directory.
It's not the same molecule but the population is being maintained at a high level for maybe a hundred years.
The equilibrium of the atmosphere is maintained, occasionally,by hurricanes.
The evidence of poorly situated, maintained, and monitored ground stations is overwhelming.
The process of regional diversification was spurred by the air war, and is now apparently to be maintained and extended.
He has also created and maintained a number of independent media projects.
It was a place where big programs could be developed and launched and maintained and managed over many decades.
Lots of boxes, connected with lots of wires, maintained by lots of people.
He battled and almost won and maintained his dignity through the process.
LaRouche's network is maintained by various security, intelligence, and fund-raising divisions.
Despite the strain, she maintained her energy throughout the demands of the day and even had to be reminded to eat lunch.
The advance also enables reprogrammable mice to be maintained in the lab generation after generation.
With both strategies successful, the behavior gets maintained.
And in cancer cells, which unfortunately do not seem to age, telomere length is maintained virtually indefinitely.
But that also suggests that speaking one language is actively maintained in multilingual speakers.
Yale argued that the artifacts belonged in a museum where they could be properly maintained and displayed.
The hexagonal symmetry is maintained, but the ice crystal may branch off in new directions.
Perhaps an exchange of oceanic oxygen has maintained atmospheric oxygen levels.
Matter-Energy is the same after the reaction as before, so the conservation law is maintained.
The charged gas region was more dense, flow velocity was maintained and the observed lift was increased.
Indeed, this is reminiscent of how relationships are built and maintained between nations.
Take a close look at how some airline equipment is currently maintained, or not.
But they have something in common: technology so impressive that it can be hazardous if skills aren't maintained.
He got them vaccinated and maintained their living quarters.
It is critical to verify the information maintained on your credit histories at the three credit bureaus.
We filled up from the same pump and maintained a standard climate-control setting and windows-closed rule throughout the drive.
EZ is actually pretty good at letting commenters talk about what they want to talk about, so long as some order is maintained.

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