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Winton's intention is to maintain the countercultural spirit of the press.
If you find relationships challenging to cultivate and maintain, then you are in good company.
Smaller bodies are easier to feed, maintain and move.
To maintain a free society under ever-changing conditions, we must repledge ourselves to the conditions that make it work.
In turn, the mangroves trap sediment and maintain the clarity of the water so that the coral reefs can survive.
When you're publicly traded, you're expected to maintain sales levels.
This endeavour, that helps individuals maintain control, is to be applauded.
Only a skeleton crew will remain through the long, dark winter to maintain the scientific equipment and facilities infrastructure.
It is the staff, and only the staff, that will set and maintain standards.
Being a troubadour, he admits, has made it tough to maintain a conventional family life.
To maintain the integrity of the house, the owners had the walls repaired with plaster, not drywall.
Here basic roman shades help maintain the sleek lines of a chic, modern bedroom.
Mature cherry trees need only light pruning, to remove weak and damaged branches and maintain shape.
It was expensive to maintain and took up too much of the yard, she says, not allowing enough space for gardening.
Try to use as little water as possible to maintain a thick, creamy texture.
Pruning is also critical to maintain this vigorous grower.
If you are ambitious, you can help design a new garden section and maintain it.
Dancing was also seen as a form of exercise, which helped to preserve and maintain the captives' health during the tedious voyage.
Sharp eyesight helps them judge distances well, and the cats use their long tails to maintain balance.
Monitoring includes turning the compost pile to maintain aeration and keeping the pile moist enough to function.
Coffee grounds add nitrogen to your compost pile and help maintain high composting temperatures.
To maintain this balance, overgrazing and deforestation must be closely monitored.
Besides the usual spoils of war, the conquerors sought human captives, which were essential for a king to maintain power.
The red-faced monkeys frequently utter what researchers have dubbed coo calls to maintain vocal contact with one another.
The state governments maintain that human life is more important.
While many rural languages are going extinct, new urban hybrid languages may help to maintain global diversity.
Buzz for entry and place your order at the elaborate turnstile designed to let the nuns maintain their privacy.
As ecotourism in an area grows, the local government often recognizes the economic boom and seeks to maintain it.
In addition, the current low water levels are making it harder for the gators to feed regularly and maintain their body weights.
Although doctors recommend regular exercise to maintain a healthy heart, long-term athletic training comes with risks.
The cerebellum uses the feedback from the muscles to help maintain balance and refine movements.
To maintain structural integrity, the ski must be built with more rigidity.
When sea otters are present, the coastal kelp forests maintain a healthy balance.
And many researchers maintain that a diverse stem cell portfolio will increase medical discovery dividends.
Axons branch toward their ends and can maintain connections, or synapses, with many cells at once.
And it is sometimes harder to concentrate and maintain attention.
By lowering the frequency of their calls, they were able to maintain communication in the sparser forests.
His operation can't get much bigger and still maintain its environmental and ethical integrity.
It must be costly to create and maintain such intricate dino creations, though.
Brains are expensive-it takes a lot of energy to build brains during fetal and childhood development and maintain them in adults.
The project was a success: it improved water access and agricultural production, and local families maintain the structures today.
Whereas sandstone or clay tends to compress skeletons, in ash the animals' rib cages maintain their full roundness.
And let's not forget to mention your uncanny ability to maintain your unrealistic weight and killer curves.
Their eyes do not meet, and their stiff bodies maintain an unhappy distance.
These plates and spines protect the fish from predators, but they are costly to produce and maintain.
The initiative helps individual owners maintain their estates with proceeds from horticultural tourism.
In her sixties, she would maintain her narrow form, holding her neck straight and her head high.
To maintain the cycle of night and day, rulers performed rituals to appease the gods.
But his desire to maintain the nation's sovereignty likely influenced his decision.
We need to create space and actively seek to maintain their existence.
As they are easy to install and maintain, they are being used in remote areas of developing countries, as well.
It has long been accepted that retail depositors should be protected, to maintain their faith in the financial system.
The old owners get to share half of the profits and maintain a big say over the market.
If mortgages remain cheap in relation to income, consumers will be tempted to maintain their borrowing.
But to maintain its performance over the next decade it needs to boost both domestic spending and its services sector.
Some governments are also using resource cash to maintain control.
Though hardly impervious to secular winds, they have managed to maintain rituals better than others.
Private consortia finance projects which they build and maintain.
The party's dilemma is that much of the unrest is a product of the rapid economic growth that it is so keen to maintain.
Towns with lots of immigrants see twinning as a way to maintain cultural ties.
It also said it would maintain its mortgage-related holdings at current levels to support the housing market.
Instead it gets the private sector to raise the cash, build the thing and maintain it afterwards.
The idea here is that the state and the law exist to maintain harmoniously the existing social order.
The second, no less surely, is to maintain his own freedom of spirit.
He who tells a lie must invent twenty more to maintain it.
Develop and maintain approved program of professional self-development.
Establish and maintain a viable research program, write proposals and perform other scholarly activities.
The faculty member must maintain an active research program, advise students, and work with diverse populations.
Third, the clearest boundary line involves the need to maintain an atmosphere in which critical inquiry is possible.
The successful candidate will maintain a high rate of publishing in top ranked journals in molecular genetics and poultry science.
Establish and maintain an externally funded research program.
Proponents of the reciprocity agreements maintain that they are not money-losers for taxpayers.
For years, drug and medical-device companies have paid for refresher courses that doctors must take to maintain their licenses.
Student soloists compete and perform regularly across the region, and many faculty maintain active performing schedules.
Those who are concerned about the morals of the public maintain that grave harm is done by such exhibitions.
We still need manufacturing to maintain our ability to innovate.
Maybe she can maintain that balance long enough to write a dozen more bestsellers.
We need to keep investing in education and research to maintain our place in the world of discovery and technology.
Perry's significance on both sides of the ledger is less than his biggest admirers and critics maintain.
Pension funds are under certain regulatory constraints to maintain prescribed funding levels.
The spadix is not a greenhouse, and the supply of starch is not sufficient to maintain a warm temperature year-round.
In practice the penalties were significantly less, because the town had insufficient funds to maintain a jail.
Cover the pot, check after several minutes, and adjust the heat to maintain a steaming near-simmer with few or no bubbles.
Last week, small cracks began to appear in the fa├žade of mastery that all candidates strive to maintain.
She was upbeat by nature, and she managed to maintain her optimism.
Later, that sense of equality became difficult to maintain.
They struggled in stressful situations, often had trouble paying attention, and found it difficult to maintain friendships.
Those who can maintain a fast and accurate pace become permanent employees after three months.
Exactly-the world needs bullies to maintain the delicate balance of the ecosystem.
Nobody, apparently, can maintain momentum that long.
Help kids maintain a healthy diet without a hefty cost.
Not good at getting leverage on blocks, and could maintain blocks better.
The networks showed that flocking pigeons maintain a dependable hierarchy on the wing.
Animals need salt to activate nerves and muscles, and to maintain water balance in their cells.
Humans maintain far more, and more complicated, relationships.
That's why it's amazing that they can actually maintain quantum coherence long enough to pull off this energy-transport trick.
Daily yoga helps her maintain the correct alignment of her throat, esophagus, and stomach.
People's personalities may shift so they can no longer hold down their job or maintain their marriage.
The kidneys secrete renin, a hormone that helps maintain normal blood pressure.
All lived with the same light and heat, which was enough for the lizards to maintain a constant body temperature.
But antibodies are large molecules, expensive to manufacture and tricky to maintain, requiring refrigerated storage.
New research suggests that the secret of their longevity is in their ability to maintain the health of proteins in their cells.
The structure will also need to be sturdy enough to maintain a vacuum inside the device.
The electrodes used are made of a coated plastic, which makes them cheaper, and easier to maintain.
The robot has a gyroscope to help maintain its balance and stabilizing arms to help right it if it slides off track.
Phase change materials work because they are designed to maintain the midpoint of a narrow temperature range.
And they sip from the battery because no power is required to maintain an image.
The parts have intricate shapes that maintain strength while cutting the weight of the part in half.
Maintain client base, grow existing business and prospect new accounts.
Failure to maintain workers' compensation insurance coverage will result in the license being suspended.
Failure to maintain continuous bond coverage will result in the license being suspended.
During its first two centuries, this country seemed slated to gain and then maintain global preeminence.
The chosen cause must be of a sort that helps to maintain the group.
Farmers everywhere must work diligently to maintain their walls in landscapes ravaged constantly by the elements.
When he was once taken to a dentist, his eyes and ears were covered to maintain the sensory deprivation.
In order to maintain their collections of periodicals, libraries have cut back drastically in the purchases of monographs.
The question remains how to create and maintain that environment.
As an actor, it must be so difficult to maintain that stutter and the feeling of frustration.
When you interview someone, even over an extended period of time, you try to maintain some sort of professional distance.
The family, however, maintain that they decided on their own to shun her.
Friends maintain that he is intensely driven to be seen as important.
Slowly, she began to realize her longing to maintain a close connection was not being reciprocated.
The plaintiffs and their experts maintain that this is far from the truth.
Some philosophers maintain that solving the problem of consciousness is beyond the reach of human intelligence.
They do not have gills but lungs, must breathe air in order to maintain life.
Governments don't have the funds to maintain all of them, and few buyers can afford to maintain them as private homes.

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