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And over the past two years, the discussion about three-year programs has reached the mainstream press.
Mainstream macro has dozens of conflicting theories, all with their empirical evidence to support them.
The tsunami unleashed one month ago received saturation coverage in the mainstream media, of course.
Cats and failures highlight this list of the memes that have gone mainstream.
There's no mainstream demand for music subscriptions.
Wei's blunt comments, published two years ago in a mainstream political journal, offered a rare critique of a government program.
Intelligent, imaginative and wise people chose to write in favor of mainstream ideas and practices.
If solar powered apparel is to make it into the mainstream, then it needs to be pushed by a mainstream brand.
They got away from offending mainstream sensibilities.
Remember, in mainstream econ crises are random events.
Vegetables available in local grocery stores are usually chosen for their shelf stability and mainstream appeal.
In mainstream schizophrenia certain half-truths are perpetuated.
Gannett's move could bring these issues into the mainstream.
However, mainstream politicians do not know how to see them off.
Other resources are not yet viable enough to be used mainstream.
The river is probably the only mainstream close to his heart.
Blogging is often depicted as a reaction to failures of mainstream media.
Some of the innuendo had appeared in coverage by the mainstream media.
But mainstream econ has no idea what causes depressions.
To be honest, it sounds a bit disappointing and depressingly mainstream.
If you judge mainstream popularity by the frequency of awards shows, the gaming industry is moving up.
Yet all are deplorably lower than those of mainstream society.
But they have never been in the country's economic or political mainstream.
Alternative-energy technologies are starting to become mainstream.
The skepticism and contempt would have to be for mainstream macro economics.
Mainstream battery cars should follow in a year or two.
Mainstream economists thought the regulations were sufficient to reduce risk to the lowest level.
More people need to be tempted out of mainstream finance.
Mercifully, no mainstream politician espouses a return to outright protectionism.
Some plan to go straight into a mainstream workplace, while others say they are easing the transition with graduate school.
All of a sudden mountain climbing has become mainstream.
Many mainstream manufacturers are reformulating their products to meet kosher requirements.
It simply wasn't a question that was taken seriously by the mainstream.
The situation is even more grim when it comes to less mainstream files.
We need to see that alternative medicine is now mainstream.
That's a better record than what mainstream econ suffers from, or anyone else.
For bands shunned by many mainstream radio stations, these covers got people's attention.
The new work is the latest in a long line of attempts to bring artificial muscles into the mainstream.
Moreover, my period of interest is pretty tangential to the movements in mainstream history.
To go mainstream will require adapting to a more open and perhaps more impersonal environment.
Blacks don't trust cops because of it, hardly anyone not mainstream does.
The comedy series took the emerging machinima medium mainstream.
So mainstream made the mistake of developing theory around existing data because that was all they had.
It's too bad it gets accepted mainstream without much debate anymore.
But the notions aren't completely out of the military-industrial mainstream.
Actually it was in the culture long before it got into the mainstream of the culture.
Some are fans who want to see the industry go even more mainstream.
There is little doubt that electronic books have gone mainstream.
Clearly, they have something that mainstream medicine does not.
It is sad to see you don't care for mainstream computer users considering how many of us there are.
Once labeled, both movements quickly surrendered their visual archetypes to the cultural mainstream.
They are now considered to be firmly within the party's mainstream.
On top of instant prejudices, outsiders must overcome more difficult, insidious obstacles to achieve mainstream success.
Electric cars from other mainstream manufacturers are not far behind.
And that's the thing about weather seeding: the split between mainstream scientists and the people who are doing it.
Many smart observers have complained of less-than-stellar coverage by mainstream outlets.
For some in the mainstream press, the sour feelings are mutual.
It was not the first digital-music player, but it was simple and elegant, and carried digital music into the mainstream.
The gesture was seen as an attempt to bring a critic into the mainstream.
His ability to depict even well-known subjects in a unique manner has separated his images from the mainstream.
The movie, whose trailer went viral, marked the final stage of snowboarding's crossover into the mainstream.
But the area offers little in the way of mainstream tourist infrastructure.
Your friends didn't shield you from the mainstream, they were the mainstream.
If there was ever a doubt that e-books would eventually go mainstream, that's now been settled.
It's used by professional writers in mainstream publications.
Hybrids are becoming more mainstream, and new plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles will be coming to the market this year.
The outcomes were not so much a win for one party as a rejection of policies that voters believe to be out of the mainstream.
Traditionally, independent labels have been a haven for bands that don't fit in the mainstream.
In the past, mainstream audiences notoriously resisted being jolted.
It takes people with disparate backgrounds and beliefs and brings them into line with mainstream norms of reason and taste.
Still, music made a place for him on campus, allowing him both to tease the mainstream and to join it.
Increasingly, that argument is creeping from the margins into mainstream debate.
Of course, mainstream econ always says the existing trend will continue.
Second, mainstream econ is more a blob with fringes rather than a sharply-defined point.
In the three years he spent in the post before stepping down earlier this month, he almost succeeded in making it mainstream.
But supporters of the mainstream parties are not voting for secularism.
Mainstream economic opinion felt that capital mobility was unnecessary, and often undesirable.
Nor is the scale of demand from mainstream investors clear.
What research there is, is conducted outside mainstream laboratories.
It was all but eradicated from mainstream cultural entertainment.
The mainstream press has been strangely reticent on the matter.
Nerd-dom is now mainstream, which means everything is ruined.
Many mainstream media outlets rely on the group's research in their own political coverage.
They have, however, gained mainstream momentum during the last months.
These are mainstream substances of the cosmos their potency is their legality.
But last year participatory organizing went mainstream.
Others improved enough to go into mainstream sports such as netball and soccer.
Mainstream economics is the empiricist jumble that you have identified.
Blundering about in economics and echoing the biased mainstream media is not science.
However, the contradictory evidence somehow did not make it into the mainstream media but is found in technical journals only.
However, mainstream science will eventually stop being so rigid in its dogmas about what is possible and what can be investigated.
It'll be important to get confirmation of these idea before they can become mainstream.
Apple gets credit for bringing niche technology to the mainstream by refining the user experience.
It is a canard that neither mainstream media's managers nor its journalists have good answers to that question.
Social and mainstream media have connected people to each other and to the world.
There is no current mainstream model that explains the cause of motion.
In countries where it aspires to join the political mainstream, it renounces the use of violence locally.
But the practice appears to be creeping into mainstream publishing as well.
Mainstream reporters have shushed the bloggers when their sarcastic comments on the testimony drowned out the audio feed.
Swing sounds are becoming the music of choice in an increasing number of campaigns for mainstream advertisers.
The term integrative medicine refers to the conjunction of these practices with mainstream medical care.
And there's more going on in jazz today than what is being heard on major labels and in mainstream clubs.
Militancy, civil disobedience, and outright anti-capitalism are unlikely to appeal to mainstream voters.
But they still face significant obstacles as they strive to enter the financial mainstream.
Mainstream medicine supports the diagnosis, but some doctors claim the evidence behind it is questionable.
Engineers are using leading-edge physics to try to make photovoltaic cells a mainstream power source.
Sociobiology, though still controversial, has become mainstream as evolutionary psychology.
Inflation made so much sense that it quickly became a part of the mainstream model of cosmology.
The mainstream response is that this is how science works.
Hybrid vehicles, which do not plug in but also use both gas and electric engines, are bringing the technology mainstream.
Embryonic stem cell treatments are edging closer to mainstream medicine.
Additionally, it's common to adapt elements of an insular and specialized artistic movement to a more mainstream application.
It pits the lowly anonymous voice against the mainstream world and the power establishment.
In fact, totally and way way far outside the mainstream.
Once the domain of hippie holdouts, organic home décor has gone mainstream.
At one stroke, amid much audience perturbation, he unmoored the taboos and let them float flamboyantly close to the mainstream.
The result is a work that is politically brave, for a mainstream movie, and artistically stodgy.
Cole's still a relative newcomer to the mainstream with something to prove.
Never mind that voting to raise the debt limit was, until last year, considered fairly mainstream and responsible.
In the pre-digital music world, acquiring music below the mainstream radar involved something akin to a treasure hunt.
Many affordable, mainstream retailers offer custom fabrics, and some will customize sizes and cushions.
We did get a lot more coverage in the mainstream press.

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