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Example sentences for mains

Pork chops, veal and grilled swordfish are some of the mains on offer.
For mains, choose from a variety of steaks here, from dry-aged beef steaks to pork chops and fish steaks.
They require us to build roads, waterlines, power mains and sewage systems out to all these outposts we've created.
Water crews set new taps on water and sewer mains for residential homes and respond to any water complaints.
Where reasonable, sewer mains shall be located under a paved surface.
Needham's residential neighborhoods are supplied by a network of smaller diameter water mains.
Water main break: occasionally weakened old water mains will split, crack, or fragment.
Fanned by high winds, fires from overturned cookstoves and ruptured gas mains spread.
Even worse, they pay for bottled water that often comes from the same city mains as the local tap water.
The coolest place was between the mains under the fresh air blower.
Apart from hooking your laptop up to the mains once in a while, you never need to snake cables across your clean desk again.
That's how the local government monitors traffic, chases down leaky water mains, and keeps tourists on the straight and narrow.
The whole thing is small enough to fit into a small backpack and can run on batteries as well as on the mains.
In a plug-in, the electricity comes from the mains, via an ordinary electrical socket.
The road network is decrepit and there is no drinkable mains water.
He does so, however, only if the laptop is plugged into the mains supply.
State utility companies put down power, water and sewage mains.
The petrol engine is there to create more electricity, if it is needed, but the batteries are usually recharged from the mains.
Alternatively, it can be plugged into the mains for four hours and an on-board compressor will do the job.
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