mainmast in a sentence

Example sentences for mainmast

Aft, and adjacent to the mainmast are four additional, enclosed berths.
The trestletree attached the mainmast to the topmast of schooners.
The roof is surmounted by a modern radar on a short mast and a short mainmast with lights mounted atop.
The mainmast was clipped off during this engagement.
The foremast was gone, but the mainmast was standing.
The string of flags strung from the top of the mainmast was the pride of the crew.
Her spars are completed and the builders promise to have her mainmast stepped within an hour after the boat's taking the water.
Fore and mainmast gone, and jib-boom gone, with their sails and rigging.

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You could almost see the brass on her gleaming, Not quite. The mist was to light what red Is to fire. And her main... more
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