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And that extends to the the flora and fauna too, which is so different from the mainland.
The road, after the two wayfarers had crossed from the peninsula to the mainland, was no other than a footpath.
It is perched on a little flat point, shut off from the rest of the mainland by a huge rocky cliff.
But in some parts of the mainland the machinery was different.
Now ferrymen had brought them over from the mainland, boatmen who send even other folks on their way, whosoever comes to them.
But over yonder it seemed as if the creature moving there were stretching its neck and raising its head toward the mainland.
These cold waters produce precious little moisture needed on the mainland.
Discusses the island-based city-state's management of forests on the mainland.
Imagine now that a small cohort of about ten individuals got blown away by wind from the mainland to a nearby island.
To survive, the villagers recently decided to move to the mainland.
Most wave energy plants that intend to supply power to mainland use the existing electric grid for storage.
Captured between two snow covered peaks on the mainland, the ship and its refection form the image of a butterfly.
Isolated from the mainland for millions of years, it is that rare wilderness where animals have no instinctive fear of humans.
In succeeding decades, protection programs have boosted golden eagle populations on the mainland.
One intoxicating attraction is the mainland's telecommunications market, which has yet to open except to equipment suppliers.
The mainland's charm offensive has at times been subtle.
The island can also trade freely with the giant mainland economy.
Only two bulge-bracket firms have any sort of position in the mainland's domestic securities markets.
But the mainland remains enclosed by a levee of regulatory controls.
There seems always to be a larger crowd at the island end of a ferry run than at its mainland end.
They then prematurely announced a slew of tour dates, including on the mainland, presumably to drum up publicity.
Howler monkeys, smaller than their mainland cousins, bounded in the branches above.
It's already been nine months, so this is why people are talking about influence from the mainland.
When the snakes first arrive on an island, they find prey that are generally larger than they're used to on the mainland.
Newcomers to these isolated worlds find themselves unshackled from the predators that dogged them on the mainland.
Their tendons, for example, remain springier far later in life than the tendons of mainland opossum.
The sound engine could provide a cost-effective way to capture and ship the gas to the mainland.
But it's an urgent challenge: as consumer markets get ever more crowded, many mainland companies have to export or die.
The mainland meets more than two-thirds of its energy needs with coal and boasts the world's largest coal reserves.

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