main memory in a sentence

Example sentences for main memory

The last thing you want is to make an unappealing attraction their main memory of their last vacation.
It's the speed of light that causes designers fits as they try and remove latency from main memory and cache accesses.
It is the part of the operating system that loads first, and it remains in main memory.
They have less main memory bandwidth which can limit the performance for applications that do not reuse data cache well.
The main memory bus really is not fast enough to support the second processor, so little performance is gained from using it.
The main memory requirements are smaller than for any other known technique by an order of magnitude.
The movie may not fit into main memory so blockbuster effectively breaks an image into blocks for efficient display.
If you plan to pull a large amount of map data from the server, it is recommended that you choose a storage card over main memory.
Unlike main memory, media storage devices retain data even when the computer is turned off.
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