mail carrier in a sentence

Example sentences for mail carrier

All but two of the occupations in the chart-operating engineer and postal mail carrier-require long-term on-the-job-training.
Contact your local mail carrier before you leave to be sure he has received the hold order.
We should no longer have to drive to the video store or wait for the mail carrier.
But you no longer need a mail carrier to exchange information in an efficient, timely and inexpensive way.
Knowledge of a variety of mail carrier requirements.
However, a carrier will not be allowed to deduct vehicle-related expenses incurred while working as a rural mail carrier.
Think of it as giving your mail carrier's back a break by stopping junk mail at its source.
Never leave paid bills in your mailbox for the mail carrier to pick up.
We strongly recommend the use of a traceable mail carrier to ensure a timely delivery.
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