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We apologize if you cannot read the address in the image or use the link to send e-mail.
He snagged the collection as soon as it arrived in the mail.
These chains accept your old electronic junk, either in-store or by mail.
If you can't find what you're looking for at your local nursery, consider ordering plants by mail.
Buying chemical weapons material through the mail is quick and easy.
Specialty basils are available at many local nurseries or they can be ordered by mail.
Recycle your own newspapers, magazine pages, or junk mail as gift wrap.
Drivers can now access anything from custom traffic reports to spoken e-mail messages to video games.
It is a communication tool that is essentially e-mail crossed with an instant messenger.
Staples also believes coaches should have unlimited opportunities to text, e-mail, or call players.
One service, however, is rapidly shifting to the cloud: student e-mail.
Changing your address and forwarding your mail is an essential part of the moving process.
But a small cadre of contrarians look forward to junk e-mail.
If you can't find what you want locally, try a specialist or a mail-order source.
Bare-root plants are sold in late winter and early spring by retail nurseries and mail-order companies.
Many of these were sold on busy street corners but many were sent by mail to rural places.
We do not accept photographs submitted through the mail.
E-mail won't be perfect until it comes up with a secret code for communicating with your illicit lover.
At this time, the print magazine does not read submissions sent via fax or e-mail.
Correct e-mail required for instant confirmation of your subscription.
Print and complete the form, then mail or fax it to the appropriate press.
Torrents of e-mail have turned us all into file clerks.
Losing e-mail can be a serious problem for both the public and private sector.
The results would be downloaded and decrypted without ever exposing the details of a single e-mail.
And then it gets worse: you lose your laptop as well, and all your personal data and e-mail.
Software translates the impulses into digital commands that become the letters and words of your e-mail message.
Unsolicited e-mail that touts penny stocks is on the rise and getting results.
The servers were also an ideal place to put electronic mail.
These are offered by e-mail and text, but the e-mail version carries all the detail.
Stay informed by subscribing to our topic-based e-mail updates.
The latest e-mail scare campaign attacks an artificial sweetener.
The company has declined to comment about the validity of the e-mail exchange but did say the matter was under investigation.

Famous quotes containing the word mail

Perseverance, dear my lord, Keeps honor bright; to have done is to hang Quite out of fashion, like a rusty mailmore
Saul clothed David with his armor; he put a bronze helmet on his head and clothed him with a coat of mail. ... more
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