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Although the magnitude of these dunes and the depth of the water is certainly striking, what surprised me more was the grain size.
Most people are only comfortable with orders of magnitude close to the size of the human body.
No magnitude correction is needed for these values.
No other educational and cultural institution has visitation of this magnitude.
We have no power to actually change anything of this magnitude.
Nobody had seen a fire of this magnitude.
The earthquake, with a magnitude estimated at 7.0, struck just before 5 p.m.
Neither magnitude has ever been recorded in the area.
The difference in remuneration is several orders of magnitude.
Side by side with an infinite magnitude, finite quantities lose their significance.
In California, 4.6-magnitude tremors occur every couple of weeks,
But failure of this magnitude doesn't just happen overnight.
Neither party expected for the war the magnitude or the duration which it has already attained.
Do not forget that the slope of a curve has a magnitude as well as a sign.
The strategy seems hopelessly inadequate to solve a problem of this magnitude.
Everybody was blindsided by the magnitude of what happened.
He was awed by their scale and magnitude, by their design, and by the efficiency of the use of materials.
But global warming is of such scale and magnitude, people don't have any commonsense way to grasp what the solutions would be.
All of these figures understate the magnitude of the jobs crisis.
Its goals, as noted, are orders of magnitude below what nature requires if the global climate is to be stabilized.
The transformative power of social media surely is of similar magnitude and consequence as the invention of the photograph.
Whatever immigration research you're looking at, this is an order of magnitude larger than the labor market effects.
Problems with such adjustable-rate mortgages are going to be of about the same magnitude as with subprime mortgages.
It accurately describes the magnitude of the twin injustices in the administration of our criminal law.
In the past, geologists have been able to forecast landslides by looking at past magnitude and frequency.
It was the sheer magnitude of their survival and how they survived together.
To rate the nighttime luminescence of your neighborhood, compare the view from it to these star-magnitude charts.
The magnitude and multiplicity of miseries in that plagued continent are not subject to any wholesale fix.
Their definition of family is about an order of magnitude bigger than a typical definition of family.
What is striking is that there is an average of one earthquake of this magnitude around the world almost every year.
Since a rise of this magnitude would be unacceptable to the government, any move is unlikely this year.
There are two things about that number which are more important than its magnitude.
And hanging over these elections is an anti-politics mood of some magnitude.
Yet the magnitude of this shift can easily be overstated.
The same magnitude in employment may bring the construction of the magnetic levitation train network.
There are transatlantic differences in both timing and magnitude.
On the left of the chart there were a great number of measures yielding significant magnitude benefits with negative costs.
The acts of bombing people and burning a book are of a totally different magnitude.
The artificial intelligence to animate robots remains several orders of magnitude less than what's needed.
That's an order of magnitude below what's considered militarily effective.
However, orders of magnitude depend upon the scale one is using.
Now you can buy one for under a thousand with many orders of magnitude more power than those early machines.
The magnitude of the problem should be determined first, not the style of doctor's clothing.
The magnitude of consumption is remarkable when one considers the entire population.
As such they are an unbalancing factor in any decision making process of this magnitude.
To view something you have to have an order of magnitude higher in resolution.
There is no way any combination of efficiency, move to electricity, etc can make up for that magnitude of decline.
Scientific research leads to gains orders of magnitude more than the money put into it.
The magnitude of the offering was reflected in its costly and well-orchestrated send-off.
Digital quantum batteries could exceed lithium-ion performance by orders of magnitude.
Imagine computers orders of magnitude more powerful and far cheaper than today's machines.
That's an increase in trapping time of four orders of magnitude, comparable to what's possible with good old ordinary matter.
They reckon that they can get an improvement of three orders of magnitude.
But because sodium is orders of magnitude more abundant than lithium, it is cheaper to use.
The drawback is that they store much less energy than batteries--typically, an order of magnitude less.
It seems too likely to result in both the wrong direction and the wrong magnitude of momentum transfer.
It would seem that capacitors are still needed, but an order of magnitude less.
To the article, it's great to see solar projects of this magnitude.
People seem to expect the orders of magnitude price drops of electronics to apply to everything when it's unique to that industry.
There is no such thing as waves whose magnitude is proportional to the magnitude of the receiver.
Magnitude of waves are determined only by the wave itself.
One thing that is notable: the next biggest scam is an order of magnitude less significant.
With the magnitude of the effect reported here that seems likely.
If the conference were to result in any significant action, the benefits would outweigh the cost by many orders of magnitude.
Part of that stemmed from the magnitude of the flop.
The magnitude of the cleanup task seemed to call out for federal intervention.
Magnitude is based on measurement of the maximum motion recorded by a seismograph.
Magnitude measures the energy released at the source of the earthquake.
Astronomers measure the brightness of a star in the sky using a magnitude scale.

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