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Down the road, this crisis will magnify as doctors leave this demanding field or retire.
Urban development can magnify the risk of environmental hazards such as flash flooding.
Obviously the process of the sort will magnify the cars probabilities in these remaining boxes.
Conventional microscopes use lenses to magnify whatever is in the line of sight.
Another method uses an intervening star to gravitationally magnify the light from a more distant star with planets.
Their heavily leveraged balance sheets magnify even a small rise in delinquencies.
Derivatives' tendency to magnify problems has led to calls for regulators to ban some types.
Many exhibit the onset of traits that evolution would magnify in later species.
To manually focus you will use the electronic viewfinder and have it magnify a section of the image for you.
Use the zoom tool, below at the right, to magnify the text.
Instead of districts drawn to magnify the power of the right, these new districts will be drawn to magnify the power of the left.
They live in improvised tents, sleeping beneath flimsy sheets of plastic that magnify the heat and welcome the rain.
The extreme close-up view and the dark, high-contrast printing magnify every pore on his face.
The results suggest that each of these factors acts to magnify the impact of the other.
If you can, you're going to magnify return on investment and good will.
And this should magnify our effort now to reward them with our respect and memory.
Thin trading also tended to magnify price movements.
In such a situation, the slightest wound will magnify.
Researchers are asking if there is a way to magnify the results seen here by many times.
Thus, deleveraging it has lost its original meaning: using debt to magnify returns on an investment.
Usually a microsurgical technique is used, in which a microscope helps magnify the surgical area.
Live view also helps with manual focusing, since you can magnify the preview on the screen.
Quarrels that were part of the marriage began to magnify and cascade as the anger took on a life of its own.
It is so easy to forget the good, and magnify the bad.
When you magnify the image, the spot of sky you're looking at become smaller.
Being a science major only seemed to magnify my minority status.
Once familiarity is introduced to the situation, it seems to magnify the obligation to respond.
The reduced sea ice cover and higher sea surface temperatures merely magnify the extremes.
These strategies can magnify trends instead of countering them.
Since the microscope has no lenses, it does not magnify the images.
For him they did not magnify but trivialized human existence.
The stress he laid on experience in the growth of mind led him to magnify, perhaps overmuch, the power of education.
He may so magnify his achievements or be so preoccupied with his affairs as to enjoy illusions of grandeur and self-sufficiency.
He builds subtle mechanisms that magnify and reflect on aspects of existence.
Diverging opinions within the party about the appropriate size of government only magnify that risk.
As mortgage interest rates rise, they will magnify this phenomenon.
It allows powerful interests to magnify their voices at the expense of those without a megaphone.
Magnify the worker, and in so doing you magnify the work.
The diverse cultures of the crew members can only serve to magnify psychological pitfalls.
At a wide angle as was used here, this would not be apparent unless you magnify the images of the stars.
Even if they normally mitigate risks, they might suddenly magnify them when financial conditions seriously deteriorate.
Nor, as some would have it, does his philanthropy necessarily magnify it.
All that does is to postpone, and magnify, the eventual deleveraging needed.
Ill-designed pension systems magnify the effect of population ageing by creating incentives for people to retire ever earlier.
Photocathode tubes magnify existing light so you can explore the gloom in all its eerie, green-tinted glory.
The doctor may ask you to wear a pair of goggles that magnify your eyes for part of the examination.
Closed areas are more dangerous than open ones because they magnify the power of explosives.
It's a piece known for bringing people to tears, and playing it on this occasion will likely only magnify its power.
The new moon might briefly magnify disparities between you and loved ones.
Systems can magnify apathy and create places where that apathy grows out of control.
Combinations of medicines can magnify their effects beyond the individual warnings.
My question is would the water magnify the size of the fish or are things only magnified underwater while wearing a mask.
What is already a dangerous situation may potentially magnify when a worker makes an unauthorized lane crossing.
Screen magnification software is used to magnify the text and graphics that appear in programs and applications.
The shape of bays and estuaries also can magnify the intensity of tides and the currents they produce.

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