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His telescope magnified items by eight times and showed them right side up.
Any kind of spiteful or negative comment is sure to be magnified and repeated with relish.
Early on, though, the effect of a highly critical review can be magnified.
The recession has also magnified the gap between unionized and non-unionized workers.
No matter how much you pay for an instrument, if the automatic record player is imperfect, the distortions are simply magnified.
What's worse, the effect seems to be magnified in times of uncertainty.
The leaks both magnified the possibility of relationship conflict and diminished the chances of open dissent.
The mixture then formed crystals, seen here magnified ten times under specially polarized light.
When microorganisms ingest chemicals, those chemicals can be magnified further up the food chain.
They show me magnified before-and-after images in which ranges of wrinkles have been reduced to foothills.
The lack of fingerprints can cause vexing social problems, which are magnified because few people have heard of the condition.
Some of nature's intricate patterns are on display in this magnified view of the mineral azurite.
The health effects of these poisons are then magnified up the food chain.
If the nearer star has orbiting planets, keen-eyed observers can spot the subtle clues of their presence in the magnified light.
The dilemma is magnified in part by the gravel used to fill in the original excavation site.
Magnified crystals of estradiol, a form of estrogen that carries signals between neurons.
Healthy hair cells can detect the magnified sounds from a hearing aid and convert them into neural signals.
The brightest spots on their sky map all turned out to be gravitationally magnified galaxies.
Petri dishes containing each sample were clipped onto the end of the adaptor and magnified by the lenses.
At the size and weight of a cow, small effects are greatly magnified.
However, in combination with one another, the effect is greatly magnified.
It's conveniently magnified in some local climates, which makes it economical to harvest in those locations.
Such issues are magnified as population increases, because resources are finite.
We have to look at him against a magnified background.
Bush's other achievement, whose effect was magnified by the low expectations, was how extensively he prepared.
There is scant privacy and every sound is magnified.
When using a long focal length all the vibrations are magnified, making a blurry image.
When soot lands on snow or ice, its effects are magnified, because melts reveal fresh patches of heat-absorbing dark ground.
Everything went according to script, but the inevitability only magnified the drama's importance.
All big floods start with lots of rain, but some of them are then magnified by human influences.
As selected specimens of humanity, magnified by the cruel accuracy of a microscope, they have also been seen by all.
The effectiveness of this method is magnified by the satirical technique that emphasized some quoted words by using italics.
We are caught in a spiral of uncertainty that is only magnified by the increasing range of our capacities.
The effect was magnified in people with asthma or other lung diseases.
And his body aid, by making larger waves in the cochlea, magnified the leakage.
Others were revealed when their gravity briefly magnified the light of a distant star, a process known as gravitational lensing.
The remaining squares each showed a grainy-gray picture of a highly magnified embryo.
But our brains are wired to detect those differences, so they take on an import that is magnified beyond what they deserve.
To add to the rest, being perfectly magnified requires light to refract horizontally as well as vertically.
In the case of manuscripts of deceased people, the effect is magnified.
So the challenge is magnified into a wonderful crisis.
The effect of this was magnified by the significant structural damage the building had suffered in that area.
Tiny tweezers are paired with a magnified compact mirror that you can stick on any surface.
The area of the screen that's being looked at becomes magnified.
And as the layers get thinner, tiny flaws can be magnified even more than in larger transistors made from thicker layers.
In the process, this magnified any tiny fluctuations that may have existed before inflation.
Problems with execution were magnified by a high-maintenance design.
Light, focused by specific properties in gold, becomes strengthened and magnified.
Moreover, to mis-estimate athletics is equally bad whether their importance is magnified or minimized.
The crash was blamed on the big brokerage houses' automated trading programs, which magnified a bad day into a calamity.
Filled with clothes, weapons and bones, the site's simplicity magnified the event.
In theory, this means that the rescue fund's power could be magnified several times.
The same rebellious spirit, magnified by technology, was on display inside the conference hall.
But the flaws of the public education system are magnified in the south.
As the system of leverage that magnified credit collapses in on itself, borrowing becomes harder and demand falters.
The model shows that the size of these effects is magnified if, say, firms' firing costs are reduced.
Negative amortization is has the same effect, magnified.
The income-tax bias has magnified the dotcom recession.
The difficulty of managing varied operations and conflicts of interest is magnified.
Those horrid growth figures are magnified by horrible jobs figures.
Forensics experts could study the damage from a blast that had not been magnified by being confined to a tunnel.
The only thing they provide is magnified volatility and increasing fragility.
These changes were magnified by the bull market and in turn probably helped to feed it.
The problem is magnified when myth overshadows reality.
These days, the rise of factory farms and agribusiness has magnified the potential scope of an outbreak.
But talk radio is a microphone through which even the smallest voice can be magnified.
The scope of the maternal mortality crisis is magnified by the fact that it's a crisis that can be solved.
The poverty alleviation benefits are magnified when microloans are supplemented with savings and insurance products.
The sins of the self-righteous will always be magnified.
His every action, his every little flaw are publicized and magnified.
The all-too-real danger posed by a new flu virus can be magnified if we're not careful.
Most compelling of his generally small pictures are those of dead wasps, greatly magnified and lying on a pristine, white surface.
Playing time becomes of utmost importance, patience is frayed, pressure is magnified.
The lensing effect leads to a distorted and magnified view of the distant galaxy.
My question is would the water magnify the size of the fish or are things only magnified underwater while wearing a mask.

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