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Example sentences for magnificently

Then the music started and it was magnificently bizarre.
The mating process shows both how magnificently powerful and at the same time a bit more fragile these beautiful creatures can be.
Lou had performed magnificently without oxygen, but the last stretch seemed to tire him.
She was magnificently exotic, with piercing eyes and a taste for turbans and badly fitted robes.
And so, he turned the travesty magnificently to the uses of satire.
Imagine a pair of great dark eyes, a magnificently molded hand, a shapely foot.
The speeches follow one another, rising and falling, in rise and fall magnificently and deliberately eloquent.
At first he struggled magnificently against crushing odds, asking no allowances and no favors.
But the best dish on the menu is the magnificently mellow curried goat, tender chunks of meat in a mild green sauce.
And the happy report this morning is that it comes off magnificently.
And this he does magnificently with his customary casualness.
In a strong wind she rolled a bit, but faced the terrific seas magnificently.
Within the film's context, however, this contrivance works magnificently.
Every moment of the film, from the quiet foreshadowing of its first scene to a magnificently apt ending, is utterly right.
These books spoke magnificently well to the possibilities of the network.
One magnificently weird interview is conducted as the subject feeds a hippo.
Degas was interested in catching the look and feel of everyday life, and he did it magnificently.
But that argument is magnificently beside the point.
The portraits of his friends are fervent, magnificently muddled, hyperbolic and ambivalent.
They cook them until they are perfectly, magnificently tender-and there's a big difference.
Each one, magnifIcently hand-knotted into a fantasy of pale-to-potent color.
The silky cotton poplin fabric is magnificently rain-resistant.
At the same time, there is something magnificently unserious about the work.
Nonetheless, it was handsome to behold, at times magnificently chilling.
He can do it, he can do it magnificently-but his whiteness made it possible.
Collins's fashion ken is also evident in her magnificently constructed history of haute couture.
The effect of the whole thing was heightened by the monks' magnificently wild beards.
Lewis is elegant, self-restrained, magnificently understated.
Everywhere he painted birds magnificently, sometimes painted animals almost as well.
But the real gift is the film, magnificently restored and ready to take its place as the epitome of movie epics.
The adult is a large dragonfly magnificently colored with intense blues and rich browns.
The adult is a large dragonfly magnificently colored with greens, blues, and rich browns.
All are magnificently shaped and forested with hardwoods.
But the deer survived magnificently and swam out and escaped into the woods.
It was a grand organization, magnificently officered, perfectly disciplined.
My students were outstanding and performed magnificently.
It is magnificently displayed along part of the gorge.
Until recently, this circle of megaliths stood magnificently alone in an open field.
The team reacted magnificently providing aid and relief supplies within hours and days of the devastation.

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