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Example sentences for magnification

Another is the trade off between a telescope's field of view and its magnification.
Adaptive lenses change magnification without moving.
Note that lenses with larger diameters can be used, but they will provide a smaller magnification.
In some cases, the magnification compensates for the low light, though.
But he thinks that new commercial satellites will provide sufficient magnification.
Direct them to zoom in and read the accompanying text at each magnification level.
Repeated magnification of the borders plunges one into a bottomless phantasmagoria of baroque imagery.
The astronomers said that cosmic magnification gave them a new way to weigh the universe and to investigate its evolution.
Magnification tools are useless and have to be activated over and over again for each page.
In principle one can zoom in for a closer look at any part of the set at any magnification.
It's even better with magnification if you're willing to lug some gear.
Most popular books on biology turn the magnification up high and tell us about the chemistry of our genes.
The fibers are real and can be seen by anyone who looks with magnification.
The result is a magnification of light that yields important information about the fainter object.
Physicians can alter the contrast, magnification and brightness.
It would be interesting to know what magnification was used.
Clarity refers to a stone's flaws, or inclusions, which usually can be seen under magnification.
Users sight their targets through a monocular viewfinder with seven times magnification.
Double-tap with three fingers to restore the screen magnification.
If abnormal changes are found, the cervix is usually examined under magnification.
To his children, he's larger than life, a grand magnification of reality.
The higher the diopter value, the higher the magnification.
Maybe a sense of framing, may magnification and intensification.
Acid harvested from a lichen plant is seen in polarized light at ten-power magnification.
Suddenly subjectively my eyes seem to start shifting back and forth in levels of zoom and magnification.
With each successive frame the magnification increases by a factor of four.
Positive feedback defeats calculus when unlimited magnification does not smooth a trajectory, hence numerical solutions.
The problem isn't magnification, it's aiming and timing.
High-magnification photos of fossils, from corals to dinosaur bones.
There is an inverse relationship between the magnification and the diameter of the field of view.
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