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The unit uses electronics to store information, rather than a magnetic tape of the sort used in a tape recorder.
Another effective method is using magnetic tape along the edges of the curtain to seal it against the wall.
Germans had perfected magnetic tape recording and they kept it under tight wraps.
All around me, latex-skinned icons of the nation's past get their cues from a magnetic tape loop and spring to life.
Few recordings from the period before magnetic tape have such presence.
They also invented a magnetic tape that can pack video signals more densely than conventional tape.
Chemicals and techniques used to decontaminate your facility are not applicable to magnetic tape.
FM signals from the telemetering network were recorded directly on one-inch magnetic tape.
Videotape recording technology consists of two independent components-the magnetic tape medium and the recorder.
For servicing mortgagees now using magnetic tape, attached is a copy of the revised magnetic tape configurations which.
Employers may submit their new hire information on magnetic tape, cartridge, or diskette.

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