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In its turn this magnetic field operates on the piece of iron, so that the latter strives to move towards the magnet.
Some materials-diamagnetic materials-are repelled by a magnetic field.
Auroral displays are initiated when charged particles in space collide with a planet's magnetic field.
The coil converts the current into a powerful magnetic field.
Instead, the coil is pulled through the external magnetic field, which induces a voltage across it.
Synchrotron radiation is caused when electrons are accelerated by a magnetic field.
Applying a magnetic field to part of the brain disrupts the electrical activity of the nerve cells for a few seconds.
These are molecules chosen because in an intense magnetic field their electrons can be precisely oriented.
The churning generates electric currents and, as a result, creates the planet's magnetic field.
They occur where regions of intense magnetic field emerge from inside the sun and extend outward to the solar surface.
Explain to students that sunspots are regions of extremely strong magnetic field found on the sun's surface.
The magnetic field does not fade off into space, but has definite boundaries.
Aurorae occur when charged particles spiral into a planet's atmosphere along magnetic field lines.
The magnetic field drives virtually everything on the sun.
Sunspots mark where a region of intense magnetic field from deep inside the sun emerges on its surface.
Below the surface, plasma can push and drag magnetic field lines.
The sun seems to come alive with arcing loops that show magnetic field lines interacting above its surface.
The sun has a magnetic field, the heliosphere, which envelops our entire solar system.
Since the current is changing, the magnetic field changes.
Solar scientists think the eruption was triggered by a twist in the sun's magnetic field.
The plates were still side by side and active-the magnetic field never wavered-but they no longer monitored the door.
Specifically, the magnetic field is locked in metallic particles in similar orientations.
The magnetic field from the field winding turns with the generator rotor.
Once the magnetic field was altered, however, their attempts to find the shortcut were less successful.
The resulting magnetic field lines propagate at light speed.
When more domains are aligned, it raises the strength of the composite material's magnetic field.
When possible, the superconductor will expel all the magnetic field from inside.
In contrast, spins can move around on their own or under a magnetic field without producing much heat.
Such a material would produce the magnetic field from the nuclei of its own atoms--possibly even at room temperature.
Close to the transmitting antenna, the magnetic field is decoupled to the electric field, and would get to the receiver.
One highlight is a simulation of the interior of the sun, showing its convection and churning magnetic field.
As it becomes superconducting, such a device would suddenly become opaque to a magnetic field inside it.
The shape of the magnet created a weak magnetic field surrounded by a strong magnetic field to confine the plasma.
In the researchers' prototype, electric current flows through a coil, inducing a magnetic field.
The color changes from red to blue as the magnetic field's strength increases.
Shape-memory polymers go from a predefined shape to another in response to triggers such as temperature, light, or magnetic field.
So various groups are looking at ways to improve spatial resolution without increasing magnetic field strengths.
One possibility is by synchrotron emission, charged particles accelerated in a magnetic field.
Wrap up the thin sheets of both into a cylinder so it can maintain a stronger magnetic field.
Unlike a permanent magnet, an electromagnet creates a magnetic field when an electric current is applied to it.
In particular when a magnetic field is applied to a region of space that will cause an increase in the speed of light.
When a magnetic field is applied, the currents go into superposition.
In one of these ferromagnets, the direction of the magnetic field is fixed while in the other it can vary.
To begin with there is no such thing as electric or magnetic field in physical reality.
Thus an atom can have a net magnetic field only if it has unpaired electrons in one of its outer shells.
He schooled me multiple times on the ridiculous complexity of the solar magnetic field.
Those electrons circulate around the planet, accelerated by its magnetic field.
The carrier rises with a thunk, and the magnetic field holds it poised a half inch in the air.
The device operates wirelessly, powered by a magnetic field.
Sunspots, marked by dark areas on the sun, indicate a strong magnetic field.
It's the magnetic field coupled with the rotation of the star.
As it spins, the star sweeps up gas surrounding in its magnetic field.
Then run a lot of electricity through the coil, which will generate a reasonably powerful magnetic field.
With the innards of the experiment in place, all that's needed now is a strong enough magnetic field.
The liquid core creates a magnetic field protecting us from the suns radiation.
On-line calculators to estimate current and past values of the magnetic field.

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