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We all know how academia can be a powerful magnet attracting this group.
In one version, he even covers its head with a shawl, then places a huge magnet on the board.
If your flakes contain enough iron, the magnet will attract them.
Another way to create a fountain that acts as a bird magnet.
If the magnet is weak enough to release straight up then it could never allow any kind of power advantage.
In every era, one city is designated as a magnet of creativity and energy.
When you're looking for a needle in a haystack, best take a magnet.
Not only is it pleasurable for me but it is a magnet for wildlife.
The disgusting-looking blob of rubbery coal you see depicted here is, in fact, a malleable magnet.
The weaker magnet requires no cooling liquid, and can last as long as the station.
Similarly, moving a magnet creates an electric current in a neighbouring wire.
When he suspended a magnet on a string over the holes, the magnet held fast.
The magnetic trap can hold onto particles that have magnetic properties similar to those of a tiny bar magnet.
Or turn it into refrigerator art by adding a small magnet to the back.
It also shows that the angle of the magnet can be locked in a magnetic field.
Urban populations can swell out of control, with aid money a magnet.
Ask students to describe what happens when they place a magnet near a piece of metal such as a paperclip.
Mate magnet madness: when the range of possible explanations exceeds your own hypothesis.
When the glue cools, the refrigerator magnet is ready to use.
Alternatively, they can try for a magnet school, many of which have excellent results-but also an entrance exam.
When the ice melted and the sea level rose, the caves were flooded, creating what is now a magnet for intrepid divers.
Many missile designs have used samarium-cobalt permanent magnet motors.
The key is a magnet that blows up and spontaneously demagnetizes, releasing energy as a pulse of power.
Obtain a strong bar magnet with marked north and south poles.
Reversing his effect of using a magnet and electricity to create motion, he used a magnet and motion to generate electricity.
The search for perfection began with a magnet on the refrigerator.
It is a potent magnet for those millions of country people who can barely live off the measly landholdings available to them.
The superconductor has the peculiar property of pushing out any external magnetic field, so the magnet cannot approach.
Goa's gorgeous beaches have long been a magnet for travelers from around the globe.
The center continues to be a magnet for scientists and trainees.
It is a magnet for the ambitious, the footloose and the renegade.
Purpose built devices use a magnet on the spokes and a detector on the fork.
Each probe contains a magnet suspended within a wire coil.
We learn first to play with it academically, as the magnet was once a toy.
There was a crashing noise-the sound of the magnet warming up.
Take orthopedic back treatment, a magnet for device industry dollars.
Thus it is not nearly as effective a sucker magnet as communism, which has always had a larger retinue of useful idiots.
The dots use a custom actuator, with the magnet actually running around the coil.
The magnet-launched rides use powerful linear-induction motors to generate a magnetic wave that propels the cars down the track.
The state's wide open spaces and light regulations have made it a business magnet.
In an occupied country the situation is worse, as a base is a magnet for attacks.
But at the same time, from an early age she seemed to be a magnet for the troubled and troubling.
Most of the time they are not magnetic, but when a magnet is present, they become strongly attracted to it.
The sample material is first polarized with a magnet.
And of those who do manage to use the magnet, only one in four cases results in a reduction of the seizure's severity, he says.
And in this design it contains a magnet that will be demagnetized if it gets hot.
When hydrogen nuclei within the sample interact with a nearby magnet, the cantilever vibrates slightly.
The researchers deposited magnetic material on the surface of the shutters and placed a magnet underneath to open them.
Unlike a permanent magnet, an electromagnet creates a magnetic field when an electric current is applied to it.
The result is a device that can completely shield the outside world from a magnet inside it.
If an electron's spin is up, it will move freely through an up-oriented magnet but will encounter resistance in a down magnet.
The transmitter is held to the skin by a magnet in the implant.
Theirs uses magnets to suspend the generation magnet in the cylinder.
Together, they can detect a tiny magnet incorporated in a pill or capsule as it travels down the esophagus, through the necklace.
The size and expense of typical nuclear magnetic resonance imagers is dictated by the need for a strong magnet.
Permanent magnet alternators are simpler, cheaper, and much more productive than in the past thanks to better magnet technology.
One could influence this reaction with a simple door magnet.
It would have been easy to confine the atoms to the center of the vial by simply putting a magnet right there.
They're made out of gold-plated nickel, which means they are biocompatible and can also be moved around by a magnet.
Now, take a small magnet and hover it slightly above the same nail.
But the magnet quench incident of one year ago caused a delay of over a year in repairs and retrofits.
Few medical conditions rival autism as a magnet for controversy.
But lately almost anything with his name attached has become a state-of-the-art wrecking-ball magnet.
The performance requirements of modern accelerators continue to press the limits of magnet technology.
Multi-year admissions policy for magnet, selective.

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