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That includes a woman who can go from being amazingly petty to astonishingly magnanimous.
For our democratically elected representatives to give former colonies of Empire their independence was noble and magnanimous.
There certainly are quite a few magnanimous souls here today.
This is one of the few polite customs to arise from sheer magnanimous self-sacrifice.
But this magnanimous gesture came with a hitch.
Southerners publicly and privately acknowledged the magnanimous gesture.
You can even let others know how bountiful and magnanimous you are.
His magnanimous soul subdued the force of his love.
You must be magnanimous and pardon me if I've bored you.
But he is not always magnanimous.
It is important to co-ordinate these with equally magnanimous discoveries in microbiology.
If so, it is magnanimous of politicians to bother campaigning on any other issues at all.
What matters is there are magnanimous people to take care of the less fortunate ones.
From the architect's point of view, the ideal project is not one with a magnanimous absent client.
Every successive crisis finds him as understanding of others as he is lucid about himself, and his impulse is truly magnanimous.
Why shouldn't baseball be a little more magnanimous.
The third is of such as take too high a strain at the first, and are magnanimous more than tract of years can uphold.
In afflictions and disgraces his virtues make him magnanimous.
There is the beloved monarch, magnanimous and complacent.
That's being more than civil, that's being charitable magnanimous, really.
It is draining to invest yourself in a political effort, to lose, to feel magnanimous in losing.
Magnanimous in peace as in war, he urged his countrymen to forswear hatred and make the best of their situation.
Without their magnanimous support, this report would not have been possible.
Grant wrote out magnanimous terms of surrender that would prevent treason trials.
The nearly one-million park visitors, their dogs and the resident horses will enjoy and appreciate your magnanimous gesture.
Stern was noted for having a magnanimous and egalitarian nature.
Nevertheless, in the context of indemnitee-indemnitor litigation, courts are not so magnanimous.
We are extremely grateful for your magnanimous gift to our cause.
There is a general disposition to be magnanimous in view of the garrison's marvelous defense.

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