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Poe is a magician who pulls lines out of his hat and then for our added pleasure explains how it's done.
The magician famous for being mute as a performer says that magic is all about the unwilling suspension of disbelief.
We marvel at the ice sculptures, the magician, and the juggler.
My teenage attempt at a magician's grace was being transformed into an awkward comic grace.
The barefoot magician twirls a rope around a volunteer's neck, and the audience hushes in anticipation.
Good misdirection is mostly psychological, with the magician tricking different parts of the audience's brain.
When the descent is finished, they take away the screen and the magician is standing still on an stool.
The only trick possible is that which could result from an extraordinary facility of the medium as a magician.
Maybe an evil sorcerer cursed the town long ago, following a dust-up with a conniving magician promoter.
We rightly speak of the magic of art and compare the artist with a magician.
Now this was a trick of this accursed magician, and he resolved to complete his treachery further.
Which wouldn't have worked if she weren't such a culinary magician.
The show noted that the action could be seen however, so long as the face of the magician was covered.
If it were only a form of entertainment, then it would be no more harmful than a movie or a magician.
There's a great one about his high school career as a magician when, he says, he was the richest he's ever been.
He can be considered a magician in his field, creating awe-inspiring products that changed the world.
The magician's face came alive as he looked through it.
The box moves and she skewers it, stick after stick, with the bearing of a bullfighter and the pacing of a magician.
After a stint as a magician, he enrolled in a computer course.
Unfortunately, the magician never completed the trick by making it reappear.
The two of them stumble upon a dead magician's diary and are drawn into a larger world of secrets.
Thurston the great magician the wonder show of the universe.
In a heady game of thrills and tricks, the real magician is behind the camera.
OK, sometimes even a magician can't pull a rabbit out of a hat.

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